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how to configure Group Policy?

By CoreyX64 ·
im in need of learning group policy editing/configuring. i am very knowledgeable of all other aspects of windows and the PC. but ive never even tried to work with group policy, since i have never had a need to use it, until now.

I have 3 computers that i need to use it for. but before i go into detail, i would like to know: does windows XP offer the same (or similar) parental control features like in Windows Vista and Windows 7?

computer 1.
my aunts desktop PC with XP. kids gained access to admin accts. and locked her out. then loaded games with spyware, eventually killing the boot loader. reformatted and need a way to lock them out MORE. kids have ltd. account, and aunt has admin. they have still messed stuff up. need to lock out control panel, msconfig, etc. all other crucial system stuff. and lock out program installation rights.
basically make it so all they can do is get online (firefox) and have access to start menu programs without changing them.

computer 2.
we have it working as a 16CH dvr. its at a public hockey rink watching the ice so if something serious happens on the ice, we catch it.
its running XP, and it is sitting on top of a multimedia rack. well it has been tampered with multiple times. those 18yr old punks that work there are locked out of the rinks computer systems. so they figured out that they reach up and grab the keyboard/mouse and use our system to check their myspace, play games, etc. while were not there. so then our video is not recording since they close that out. so i have a admin acct. set up aside, password protected. then a DVR acct. set up to run the DVR. but on that acct. i would like to make it so that when the computer boots, windows explorer DOES NOT START, and the video recording software does start all by itself. and disable task mamager and all other system settings stuff.

computer #3.
everything above will be done on computer #3, but instead of a DVR software (since #3 is a lapotop not DVR) it will start up a stats software. nothing else. its the same setup though.

i can manage startup items myself. everything relating to how the computer is configured to boot and load, i can manage myself. i just explained to you everything i want it to do. i only need help on GROUP POLICY RESTRICTIONS with what i have stated above.

if anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

- Corey -

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Forget Group Policy

by Jacky Howe In reply to how to configure Group Po ...

Lock them down with SteadyState.

<i>Keep us informed as to your progress if you require further assistance.</i>
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that is great! :)

by CoreyX64 In reply to Forget Group Policy

wow steady state is a **** of alot better then writing scripts in GP editor. that was exactly what i was looking for. my only battle with it was passing WGA validation during the download since i used 1 key on all 5 of my computers. gosh i hate that... but its ok its all taken care of now...

thank goodness for patches and cracks for WGA

thanks again this was exactly what i was looking for.!

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Group policy consol

by n77skyrocket In reply to how to configure Group Po ...

You can go to administration tools and choose group policy management to set rights you restrict

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Right. Set the administrator password

by seanferd In reply to how to configure Group Po ...

and disable user switching, so any attempt to log on to a different account requires a reboot.

Especially on the aunt's PC, only letting them log on as a default Guest will take care of most of this.

Hockey rink - aside from the other suggestion, have you ever considered locking this stuff up? Plain old vandalism can be avoided that way as well.

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they use user switching

by CoreyX64 In reply to Right. Set the administra ...

lets focus on my aunts PC for now, the other ones arent urgent.

they use user switching all the time, and dont log off. they just log everyone off at the end of the day when they shut the system down. so that option is out.

i already set the kids up as limited accounts, but i want to take "limited" to the next level and "customize" it, preventing certain programs from even being executed. like at my school, (im in 9th grade) if you go to start and click on Control panel, it says RESTRICTIONS has cancelled your operation according to the local group policy. if your seeing what im trying to do.

hockey rink DVR--
we would lock it up but its in a cramped office and a lock box simply would not fit. we've decided to get a wireless keyboard and mouse, keep the receiver plugged in, then just take the KB & Mouse with us. so thats solved. the remote access laptop for that dvr, i have set up the same way. admin acct. password protected, and a basic limited user account for scorekeeper use only. (thats who uses the laptop)

so the laptop and DVR at the hockey rink, consider them SOLVED. now just to figure out aunts computer.

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