How to configure linksys routers to route to an AP600 bridge?

By jomuwalu_2 ·
I use a linksys router and a chain of other equipment to extend the wireless signal to the mission house. I want to configure the WRT54 linksys router to route the signal to our Proxim AP600 access point. The first router is assigned the Static IP address, and the AP600 access point Static IP adress The AP600 settings are just fine. I need to change the default settings on the new WRT54 router so it connects with the AP600. I need step by step instructions on how to achieve this. We use wireless only after the first router.. Please help

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AP Configuration

by oldbaritone In reply to How to configure linksys ...

Do you mean that you are trying to use the new WRT54 router as an Access Point, that it will be the third (or more) AP in a chain?

Originally I was going to suggest disabling the WAN side of the WRT54, but when I read again, I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish.

I'm not certain I understand, but perhaps a Range Expander (repeater) would better accomplish your task. One example is linksys WRE54G. I don't know if you can get one, but it's a stand-alone device used to extend wireless coverage.

I'm not sure whether the WRT54 can be configured to do what you want.

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WRT54G to AP Access point

by jomuwalu_2 In reply to AP Configuration

thanks oldbaritone. sorry for the missing parts. Am actually using the WRT54G
What I want to achieve is, the WRT54G (static IP address connected to the DW6000, it (WRT54g) then transmits the signal within it's radius. The task is for the AP600 wireless access point to be able to get the transmitted signal. The AP600 is assigned the static IP adress Now on the WRT54G, I need to configure the advanced routing settings so that it can send the signal to the AP600.
What fields on the advanced routing page do I need to change?

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hum so you want the Access Point to connect

by CG IT In reply to WRT54G to AP Access point

to the WRT54G router via wireless connection?

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WRT54G to AP access point

by jomuwalu_2 In reply to hum so you want the Acces ...

I need the WRT54G to communicate
with the AP600 access point, that is right..

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