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How to configure MS Proxy Sever 2.0

By johnnguyen ·
Can someone help me how to resolve this problem.
I am installed the MS proxy sever 2.0 in my PDC. This PDC have two NETWORK cards. The 1st NETWORK card run from DSL box(the DSL working fine), and the 2nd NETWORK card run to the hub. I tried to get other workstations running DSL, but it doesn't. Could someone help me to fix this problem. I am very appriciate that.

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MSP Setup

by howard_pincham In reply to How to configure MS Proxy ...

Once you have set up MSP on the PDC, use the internet options control panel applet to put the PDC's server name in the use proxy server box on the "Connection" tab. I assume that you have tcp/ip and or ipx/spx running on your network. Also make surethat you have IIS running on the PDC and you have properly set up user permissions.

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MPS Setup

by mjholley In reply to MSP Setup

You can also run the proxy server setup by clicking on network neighborhood and find your pdc and double click on it to show your shares and there should be a folder there called prxy setup or something of that nature open that folder and run set upfrom there. It will configure your browsers for you. However you may have to then go back in and either uncheck automaticly find device or uncheck the proxy server box on IE to make it work.

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Found this elsewhere on techrepublic

by jprothen In reply to How to configure MS Proxy ...

Are you sure your proxy is connected to the Internet? Can you access the web through IE on the proxy server or can you ping a site from the server. Clients can't ping through Proxy because it doesn't support ICMP, but you should be able to ping fromthe server. If not, you need to look at the configuration of your external NIC. Is the IP address correct, is DNS configured correctly? Is the gateway correct? The proxy can only have one gateway and that is your ISP, on the external network.

Ifit's only a client issue, is the LAT configured properly to identify all internal IPs? Have you installed the WinSock Proxy client on each workstation and is the IE connection configured on each client to use the proxy through your internal NIC's IPor if you aren't using TCP/IP internally, are the NETBIOS names being resolved?

Do the clients / users, have permissions granted? If you disable packet filters and security can you connect?

Assuming that you can connect to the server in the first place, I can't think of any other reason why this won't work.

Did you install the client on the workstation through network neighborhood?

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