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How to configure MS SMS2 on W2k srv?

By Dude_bill ·
I want to use MS SMS Server on W2k Server SP2. At my home test lab I've installed SMS2 on W2k server. Before that I've installed SQL 6.5 with Sp5 for it. SQL is installed on another PC.

I didn't find SMS 2.0 SP1 any where.

Now there is an error each time I click SMS Administrator Console. That is:
Visual C++ Run time Error .. Abnormal Termination

So after installation I've installed the patches for SMS 2.0 which are required before SMS SP2 instalaltion. These incluse:


& when I try to install SMS2 SP2 it also displays an error at the screen "Copy SMS2.0 SP1 CD image"
The error is:

The directory does not appear to contain a valid SMS 2.0 SP1 CD image... It might be an image of evaluation CD....... the cd you use must be a Full verion not an upgrade, trai or evaluation.

At this point im stuck. As I don't know what to do with it. The SPs for SMS should be installed in order startin from SP2, then SP3 then SP4. Its not like NT/W2kOS SPs.

Kindly also tell me what things are required in W2k components before tha installation of SMS2.0 on w2k.

Also there is a detailed error in startup from Messenger service that:
.....SMS has detected that the component SMS_NT_LOGON_SERVER_MANAGER running on server may be experiencing problem .........

Any one have an idea what I've to do to successfully install SMS on W2k with SMS SPs

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How to configure MS SMS2 on W2k srv?

by BenWagg In reply to How to configure MS SMS2 ...

I experienced exactly this problem, first on NT4, then on Win2k. I got so frustrated I finally called MS 900# or 800+vi$acard helpline. Here is the summary I received after I finally got my question escalated to someone who could help me...

"Following is a summary of the key points of the case for your records. I hope that you will find it useful.
On 7/5/01, case ABCXYZ was created with Microsoft?s Product Support Services concerning the following issue:
Trying to upgrade from RTM to SP2
When trying to upgrade SMS 2.0 to SMS 2.0 SP2, customer is getting the error that this CD image in not a SMS SP1.
Customer need the SMS Sp2 CD from the Web.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION AND RECOMMENDATIONS Here is the link to the site for the SMS Sp2 CD If you have comments or suggestions regarding the service you received, please direct them to the feedback email address listed in the signature below.
If at any time you feel the need to reopen this case it would be my pleasure to help you again.
Thank you,"

DUDE_BILL - stop punishing yourself over trying to upgrade SMS using the downloadable service packs - IT CAN'T BE DONE. You MUST order a CD that is at least SP2, and apply the subsequent service packs to that. Remember, Microsoft cares about you! )

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How to configure MS SMS2 on W2k srv?

by Dude_bill In reply to How to configure MS SMS2 ...

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