How to configure NIC to enable ICS.

By sean.ipt ·
i have a home network of 4 computers and my present connection map is -

I like to newly configure the physical setup to the following setting:
INTERNET-->ROUTER-->COMP1-->HUB-->[COMP2,COMP3,COMP4] so that i can share the internet connection from COMP1 to other computers via ICS.

Please tell me how to configure the two NICs installed in COMP1. I tried many possibilities but still unsuccessful. Whenever i try to share the connection from local intranet NIC, connection to internet from the other NIC get lost and status for both the NICs turn to Unidentified network.

Please help i have been trying to find a solution in many other technical forums but nothing helps. Please tell me if you need any other information... i am just a novice in networking field.

Thanks in advance

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Problem with Internal NIC. Status:

by sean.ipt In reply to How to configure NIC to e ...

Status -
IPv4 connectivity: No internet access

Connection-specific DNS Suffix:
Description: NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller

DHCP Enabled: No
IPv4 Address:
IPv4 Subnet Mask:
IPv4 Default Gateway:
IPv4 DNS Server:
IPv4 WINS Server:
NetBIOS over Tcpip Enabled: Yes
Link-local IPv6 Address: fe80::9586:a5c:7b74:887d%11
IPv6 Default Gateway:
IPv6 DNS Servers: fec0:0:0:ffff::1%1, fec0:0:0:ffff::2%1, fec0:0:0:ffff:%1

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ip address

by beanxyz In reply to How to configure NIC to e ...

I think you can manually configure the ip address:
comp1 Nic1: connect to router,gateway is
Nic2: gateway is nic1
other computers's ip are in the same range and gateway is comp1 nic2.

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Internal NIC problem

by sean.ipt In reply to ip address

i enabled DHCP in external NIC and everything looks fine with external NIC. I can access internet now. but it can't share the connection with other client computers from internal NIC.

My present internal NIC setting is:

IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway: (empty)
Preferred DNS server: (empty)

Status: Unidentified network, Shared
IPv4 Connectivity: No network access
IPv6 Connectivity: No network access

Maybe because of security reason, i don't want to expose all of my computers to internet directly. So, i m opting this SERVER-->CLIENT setting so that i can control and operate the whole network from SERVER (COMP1).

Now, when i try to go back to my previous setup, all others computers are not getting internet access. But, i don't want to go back to that... I want the new setting only.

Please help!!

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Why you want to change?

by Mehul Bhai In reply to How to configure NIC to e ...

I would like to ask a question why you want to change the present configuration?
Is it not working that way?
Why you want to change to ICS?
If you are having a DSL router then the first configuration will work perfectly.

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Security and Easy operation of the network

by sean.ipt In reply to Why you want to change?

There seems to be no wonder why i want to change the present configuration when internet security has become primary concern for everyone using internet. I like to change the setup to SERVER-->CLIENTS setup so that i can control and operate the whole network from one single computer (COMP1) only.

Now, how can i change my internal NIC showing UNIDENTIFIED NETWORK to an IDENTIFIED one. any help will be appreciated. m stuck here...!!!

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by TobiF In reply to Security and Easy operati ...

The (cheap) home router provides one line of defense, since it does the NAT translation. I.e. incoming traffic from the internet will be dropped if the router doesn't know, to which internal address this packet should be forwarded.

If you place a computer before the router, this computer will have to correctly handle EVERYTHING that arrives from the internet. This filtering computer, optimally, should do as little other things, as possible.
(i.e. avoid having email clients, file sharing etc running on it)

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Security and Easy operation of the network!!!???

by Mehul Bhai In reply to Security and Easy operati ...

Which Router you are using?
AFAIK I would like to mention the following:-
Normally you will have all your requirements in the router itself like firewall, NAT, etc.
Even you can control all the network from one single computer more better than ICS.
The router will have more features, I believe.
In ICS there will not be more control if you consider internet security.
Moreover you will have keep the computer having ICS on always while working on other computers, while that will be not the case in your present/first configuration.


Please let us know Which Router you are using so that we can suggest more, if possible?

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What OS?

by TobiF In reply to How to configure NIC to e ...

What kind of OS are we talking about? I'm afraid that MS thinks you should have a server OS in order to fully use multiple NICs.

The basic function to "share your internet connection" (I've tried in Vista) will bridge your internet connection to ethernet and automatically change your the ip-settings of your ethernet nic. After enabling internet connection sharing, you may need to change the ip-settings towards the other computers.

But, again, as another reply asks: What do you want to achieve by setting it up in this way?

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While I was writing...

by TobiF In reply to What OS?

You posted a partial answer.

If you can spare it, the best way forward could be to deploy linux with untangle or something else.

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