How to configure OWA on SBS2003

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I want to implement exchange OWA on SBS 2003. What do I need to do to configure SBS successfully. I have a straight forward set up, a router with a static IP and 10 users who are case workers. I have a SBS 2003 with active directory setup. Now my case workers need to have access to their email as well as the public calendar at all times. My question is what are the necessary steps to configure Exchange for OWA. We are a not for profit NGO, we can't afford to pay for tech support. Thanks in advance for the help

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by Churdoo In reply to How to configure OWA on S ...

Run the CEICW (Configure Email and Internet Connection Weeeeeeez-ard) and make sure that you select you want email accessible from the outside. I forget the exact wording of the screen, but you'll find it. The CEICW will configure the server properly for OWA.

In the same wizard it will ask you to create an SSL certificate, make this the FQDN that will resolve to the server from the OUTSIDE. In other words, if your public domain is and you would like the users to access the email (and other remote features) by something like (instead of burdening your users with having to carry the static address), fill this in here.

In your router, for email, forward port 443 to the internal IP of your SBS. If you'll be using the SBS VPN, also forward port 1723, and if you'll be using RWW to connect to desktops and servers remotely, also forward port 4125.

Lastly, contact the ISP that manages the DNS for your public and add an A-record for (using hq in my example above) the host hq( resolving to your static IP.

FOllowing the example above, when complete, your users will be able to access their email via, or

Clear as mud? Post back any further questions.

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Customized URL On SBS 2003 for OWA, Share point, RWW

by Aijaz In reply to CEICW

I read your last article regarding SBS 2003 Setup , but I need more help regarding SBS Product Customized URL .

I have Static IP & Public Domain , I created Host A Record and PTR Record for all above .

I want set URL on this criteria OWA url like except .

Same as except
And last share point except http://companyweb/defalt.htm

Please write me appropriate procedure for same above


Aijaz Ahmed
3dlinks Computer System

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