How to configure PC to autoconnect modem at power on only

By boonefly ·
I have been tasked with trying to find a way to have a PC auto connect a four channel satellite modem without being logged into.

Due to the nature of this system and where it will be - they only want it power on and sitting at the login prompt only.

Is there a service that can be setup to do this? It would be quite simple if just being logged into window (shortcuts to the 4 dialing shortcuts in the startup folder) but I am clueless as to not being logged in.


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How bout this?

by bsmith523 In reply to How to configure PC to au ...

Instead of booting to the login screen, have it boot up automatically to a use account. Create a script to run automatically to dial the modem, then log-out. I'm not sure how the modem works but I believe being logged out would cause the modem connection to disconnect. Instead of logging out. you could set the screen saver to 1 minute with the password option. This would then kick in shortly after booting up and would still require a password to prevent intruders. Not quite as secure as being logged out but the modem should stay connected.

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Can't go into windows...

by boonefly In reply to How bout this?

The system was actually designed to do just that but... they insist on having it only powered on, not logged in.

Services can a lot but I have yet to see a way to configure it to run a dial out program let alone 4.

Thanks for the reply though - I do appreciate it.

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Run any application as a service

by bsmith523 In reply to Can't go into windows...
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Intersting option...

by boonefly In reply to Run any application as a ...

I will see if the will spring for it. Thanks A lot!

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ah - my boss came across this already...

by boonefly In reply to Run any application as a ...

Found the demo some time ago didn't work. The app doesn't allow for user prompts that may come up if the program stops working correctly and it ceases to function....

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Problem with modem software

by bsmith523 In reply to ah - my boss came across ...

If the modem dialup program produces user prompts and don't allow for a default response, I don't know of anyway to automate answering those. Check the dial-up program or the modem itself to see if errors can be ignored and just run a default option. If this computer is locked up now how are these situations being handled now?

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follow up

by boonefly In reply to Problem with modem softwa ...

It is in a testing-to-production environment at this point so it is in IT's hands. When installed in our equipment - it won't be reachable unless uninstalled. Only the power needs to be turned on/off by the end users.

With a standard modem dial-up setup - you can input the login ID/PW - it is additional prompts for a redial and other unforeseen connectivity prompts that the software linke above does not allow/address - it just stops working. (Demo's are nice to test these things out before buying)

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Windows script

by bsmith523 In reply to follow up

If you are using the standard dialup program you should be able to do what you want using a Windows script. Here is a link to a tool that can run scripts as services.

Will the other program allow a script to be run? You could test that one too.

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