How to configure Router that attach to switch

By arip472 ·
my work place recently make a network that attach all the computer in the facility to a wired network using switch. 5 computer attach to 1 switch. 1 of the port at switch is attach with router. how to configure router so that other computer that not attach using wire can go online.

my network is :

---COM 2
---COM 3
thank you

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Which Router?

by Mehul Bhai In reply to How to configure Router t ...

Does it & the computers have wireles capability?

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What is Zombie Alert!!!

by Apoorv182 In reply to Which Router?

What is Zombie Alert!!!

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What is Zombie Alert!!!???

by Mehul Bhai In reply to What is Zombie Alert!!!

What is Zombie Alert!!!??? Zombie Alert is waking up dead, old (sometimes years old) & forgotten posts. AND Zombies are "Walking Dead Men". See here:
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by Apoorv182 In reply to What is Zombie Alert!!!?? ...

Thanks for this info

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If your router is not wireless

by tintoman In reply to How to configure Router t ...

You can still do this by attaching a wireless access point to the router or to a spare port on any or all of your switches

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Wrong Configuration

by cmm8907 In reply to How to configure Router t ...

First off the physical network should go ISP-Modem-Router. lan port 1 from router to uplink on switch or lan port one on switch if no uplink port. Then connect computers to each other port on switch

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Best way

by bhai_mumbhai333 In reply to How to configure Router t ...

ISP----->Router----->Com1 (Make it a Server)------>Switch---->Com2 & Com3
ISP----->Router----->Switch----->Com1, Com2, & Com3

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