How to configure Terminal Services on SBS 2003

By sharq.66 ·
We have to give access to one of our accounting software at remote location.

Can anyone advice how shall i configure Terminal services on SBS 2003 so that my remote users can access application.

My remote clients have Win XP SP3..

Seeking useful advice

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Two basic configuration tasks

by robo_dev In reply to How to configure Terminal ...

1) Enable the application on the server

2) Have your firewall administrator open the necessary ports on the firewall to allow the users to access the application remotely.

It's important to note that there are many security issues with Terminal Services, so an alternate solution, such as a VPN would be much more secure.

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Peachtree Accounting Software

by sharq.66 In reply to Two basic configuration t ...

Peachtree technical person told me that the software would not work propely through VPN.
It will lose the connections and data packets.

And he also told me that Peachtree would work fine with Terminal Services.

Ok, i will open the peachtree port in router.

But is their any installation/configuration on server side and client side...

kindly advice as i am totally new for Terminal Services

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You can't on SBS; could use RWW

by Churdoo In reply to How to configure Terminal ...

Terminal services in application mode is disabled on SBS 2K3 and there's no way that I have come across to enable it. Even if you could hack it, it's a huge security risk as the remote users would have to be Domain Admins to be able to log into the Small-biz Server. Remember, the SBS is your DC and you don't want to expose that for RDP on the public internet.

You can however use the Remote Web Workplace (RWW) feature of SBS or you can set up a separate Terminal Server in application mode as a member of the SBS Active Directory.

To use RWW, you will have to enable it in the CEICW and have ports 443 (SSL) and 4125 forwarded to the server from your edge appliance. You will have to have a workstation available for the Remote location to access via RWW. Although it is possible to have a single user remote to the Server via RWW, that's a huge security risk as that person would have to be a Domain Admin, plus you don't want your Application running as a client on your Server.

So if it's for a single user or small number of non-concurrent users, I'd recommend RWW and maintain workstation(s) for the remote user(s). But if for several concurrent users, then a separate Term Server as a member server is the answer.

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Robo had a good option also, VPN

by Churdoo In reply to You can't on SBS; could u ...

Sorry I didn't see the suggestion, but Robo had a viable suggestion too, so to expand on that ...

users VPN into the site, either through the SBS VPN client or via site-site VPN at your edge appliance and run your application fat (client-server) through the VPN

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