How to configure two network cards to connect to Internet ?

By anjan.sys1811 ·
I have a two network card in one computer and
Another computer have a one network card.How to configure two network cards to connect to Internet in two computer?

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This is really quite simple

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How to configure two netw ...

Connect the Modem by CAT5 Cable to 1 Ethernet Socket run the Network Setup Wizard and tell this computer that it connects directly to the Internet and that other computers on the LAN Connect through it. Also enable File & Printer Sharing and create a Unique Workgroup Name when prompted for a Workgroup and just continue on. When the Network Setup Wizard is finished it may require a Reboot and it may not but whatever is required do it.

For the second computer you can use a Crossover cable but owing to the cost of these it tends to work out cheaper to by a small Hub and 2 CAT 5 cables and connect the first computer to the hub and then add the second computer to the Hub with a CAT5 cable. Run the Network Setup Wizard on the second computer tell it that it connects to the Internet through Another Computer or Residential Gateway enable File & Printer Sharing and when you come to the page enter the exact same workgroup name into the box as you used on the first computer then finish off the setup Wizard and reboot if required.

When both computers are running you will then need to share things between then so that you you an transfer files or Print Jobs between the 2 computers depending on what it is you need and to do this right click on what it is that you want to share chose Sharing and because this is a small LAN give it the option to overwrite Files and not require a password.

If you follow those directions you'll have a working LAN that can share both Files & Print Jobs as well as the Internet.


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Mikrotic Router Configuration

by platinous_yemy In reply to How to configure two netw ...

Hi, I'v configured ip/netmask Ips on the linux mikrotik user interface but how do i link the server to another PC where i can complete configuration using winbox

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Please don't kidnap zombie posts

by robo_dev In reply to How to configure two netw ...

Please start a new post about how to configure Mikrotik.

Not sure I understand 'how to link server to PC' question:

You plug it in and possibly set the IP address of the PC to something that is valid for the existing network.

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