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How to configure VLAN

By sohth ·
To all the expert out there,

Good day to you!
I'm planning to create VLAN in my company network (with about 500 network nodes). This will be on Port Based type with 8 segments (i.e. 1 VLAN for Server Farm and 7 VLAN for Remote Buildings).
My questions:-
1. Where should I locate the DHCP server? At the core switch?
2. Currently all my printers have static IP, do I hv to reassign the IP address? These printers are at the remote buildings.
If yes, then I hv to spend hours to reconfigure the print queue at server and PCs.

Thank you for your valuable time to answer this question. (Feel free to give your opinion.)

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by Greybeard770 In reply to How to configure VLAN

It would be best to have a DHCP server at each remote location. If that isnt possible you will need to configure your switch to forward those requests to the DHCP server. The method for that varies with manufacturer.
Each VLAN will probably have its own IP address. So yes, you would need to renumber the IP on the printers that change subnets.
I think you have a good plan. Renumbering the printer IPs will be the time consuming part.

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by Sardukkan In reply to How to configure VLAN

Another tip, If you have the same switches thoughout the enterprise try and use ranges on each switch group so make the V-lan mamagment easier. User PC's range 1-16 vlan2 remote DHCP servers on last port.
Hope thats a little helpful! Good luck with the reconfig.

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Any Solution??

by arshij In reply to How to configure VLAN

Did you find any practical solution of your scenario??

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can you tell me how to configure vlan network

by ram.eng2006 In reply to How to configure VLAN

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