how to configure vpn without lossing internet

By matemago ·
hi everyone,
i have a small 8pc network which connects to the internet with a 2wire 2701 wireless adsl modem with a switch.

but when i make a vpn connection from any pc, all the rest loss internet conection.

so is there a way i can configure my lan so all computers remains connected to the internet while sharing the vpn connection? this way any pc can access the SAP app.

do i need to configure a server or perhaps another router?

thanks guys.

in spanish:
que tal todos,

tengo una peque?a red, de 8 computadoras, que se conectan a un switch y este a su ves a un modem de telmex 2wire 2701 inalambrico.

pero cuando desde cualquier compu me conecto por vpn a nuestra matriz, todas las demas compus pierden el internet.

asi que lo que necesito son dos cosas, pero no se como:

1.- que todas las compus mantengan su conexion en la red y en internet.

2.- que la conexion vpn pueda usarse en toda la red. de esta forma cualquier compu pueda acceder a nuestro sistema de consulta del almacen central que es SAP.

si necesito configurar un servidor o comprar otro ruteador, no hay problema.

la cuestion, es posible hacer esto? puedo mediante otro ruteador o servidor hacer la conexion a la vpn y compartirla con mi red? ademas que mantengan su conexion a internet?

gracias, ojala puedas ayudarme.

saludos desde acapulco

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It might be

by Jay217 In reply to how to configure vpn with ...

The default gateway settings within the vpn. Are you using the windows vpn client? Right click on the vpn, goto properties, select tcp/ip from the Networking tab, Click properties, then Advanced. Uncheck that use default gateway box.

thats assuming your using windows xp

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it is Contivity VPN client

by matemago In reply to It might be

thanks for the reply, we connect using Contivity VPN client.

it is installed in 4 pcs, but it allows only one connection (obviously).

it is possible to share this vpn connection to all the computers in my network?

i dont mind buying another internet account if it is the solution with perhaps a bridge...

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