How to confirm total RAM installed in laptop?

By coolsabby ·
I've got a laptop here which someone swears to have had upgraded from 512MB to 2GB ram. But when I check the ram during start-up I find the system total memory is only 1.5 GB. Then Memory Viewer confirms this by saying that the fist slot has 1GB and the second slot has 512 MB.

My question -- is there anyway this laptop could actually have 2GB installed but I am just not detecting it? I'd like to confirm via software only, without opening it up.

It's an HP Compaq NC6400 with standard 1x512 MB DDR2 SDRAM. Running XP Pro.


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Other Ways

by Kevin27 In reply to How to confirm total RAM ...

Go into your system properties and in the general tab it should say how much ram your laptop has. Also go to start then run and type in dxdiag and it should also display it there.

the only other thing that might be affecting those figures is the ammount of shared memory your using. you can check this in the bios.

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The easiest way is to look in BIOS

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How to confirm total RAM ...

As that will show the RAM that is actually fitted.

As many NB's share RAM with the Video you get some strange figures at times but having 512 MEG set aside for Shared Video RAM seems way too much and if that's the case a lot is being wasted.

But NB's only have 2 RAM Slots so if you are being shown 1 X 1 GIG and 1 X 512 MEG I would tend to think that is what is actually fitted.


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START --> RUN --> "msinfo32" (w/o quotes) --> "OK"

by Reb00t In reply to How to confirm total RAM ...

Look at the Total Physical RAM section.

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