How to connect a lap top "Vista" to a printer on a XP desktop

By mikeygen ·

I have a HP printer connected to an XP Operating system desktop PC. I have a Vista Op sys laptop hard wired into a router (can do wireless also through same router)that the XP PC is also wired into. The laptop sees the printer through the network (it is set to be shared), but when I try to access it I get an "Access denied can not connect" error. HP website claims Vista supports the printer. The website setup to check your pc for latest versions of drivers does not work (hangs up after doing 100% check).

The printer has been seen by other non Vista PC's before.

I would appreciate any help. HP claims the printer is not a network device (i.e. ethernet - I knew that hello) but being as it is over a year old they will charge me $35 to check the connections (already done by local PC tech group).


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Not much help - just sympathy!

Hi Mike,
I am having similar problems.
I have Windows XP PC's - some wirelessly connected and some hard-wired and a Laptop with Vista all networking well - apart from printing!
The Vista Laptop works when a new Lexmark printer is attached directly. However, when the printer is connected to a Windows XP PC the Vista Laptop sees it and connects but cannot print to it.
The Lexmark works with the other XP machines on the network just fine.
The correct drivers for Vista and XP are installed correctly.
There is a great deal of discussion and angst about this on the Microsoft Vista Community Groups.
One suggestion is to connect the Vista machine using a 'local' port to \\machine_name\printer_name.
Another suggestion is to increase IRPStackSize.
Yet another is to allow certain TCP and UDP Ports access....

But nothing has worked for us yet!

So we sympathise!


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XP drivers don't equal Vista drivers

by countupir In reply to How to connect a lap top ...

I would imagine that when you are connecting to a shared XP resource the Vista machine might not being installing or implementing its own drivers. Install the printer locally and capture the printer the way Allen suggests. That will work.

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Mike, try this solution

by squirrelking In reply to How to connect a lap top ...

I was having your exact same problem and I found this solution on some small wi-fi forum so now I'm posting everywhere that I can.

- On Vista PC go to "Control Panel" - "Printers" - "Add printer".
- Believe or not, click "Add a local printer" (I know you want to add a network printer but that way it doesn't work).
- Click "Create a new port" - "Local Port" - "Next"
- In the next box you have to enter a port name like this:
\\PC name\Printer name
where "PC name" is the network name of the XP PC or Network Share where you have the printer and "Printer name" is the network name of that printer. Be careful with this names. Check in your XP PC "Control Panel" - "Printers and faxes" - "your printer" - right click - "share" - "share resources name"
- Choose the manufacturer and printer model of the printer you are adding.
- Now the printer will be added and you can print a test page or print something to test it.

Hope it helps until MS fixes it!

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Good try... but doesn't work for me

by Allan.Thompson@ntlworld In reply to Mike, try this solution

Hi there,
Thank you for taking the trouble to post a prospective solution... but it doesn't wotrk for me.... The solution is similar to that posted at:-
It is interesting that over 100,000 people have viewed this... quite a problem!
I wonder if MS are looking?


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try updating driver first

by wolain In reply to Good try... but doesn't w ...

I had a similar issue and used the same trick - that didn't work for me at first try. I then updated the printer authorisation via the "server" (XP Home PC) to "shared", but it still didn't work.

Repeating the procedure using "existing port" rather than "add new one". My printer (Ricoh Aficio G500) was not available from MS in the list, so I had to manually download the driver software first, refer the download location in the "have disk" field - then could finally complete the links. Now it worked...

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Thanks, It's Amazing What One Can Find . . .

by expertwit In reply to Mike, try this solution

. . . by looking and asking (googling) the proper question! Office has a Konica Minolta C350 BizHub with EFI Fiery imaging system on a network. An associate with Vista (home edition) on a laptop and reps from Minolta have not been able to successfully print from this pc. I was going to stay with XP Professional on my new laptop but hesitantly decided to go with Vista (Ultimate). Our new K-M printer/copier will not be installed until next month. I followed your advice/directions and it works! Thanks.

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Squirrelking for president!

by kre8sge In reply to Mike, try this solution

Thanks Man! I spent a very pathetic and frustrating hour trying to print to an XP desktop from my Vista laptop with no luck...I was using Windows Help Files and got the usual results (a strong urge to vomit mixed with anger)...Your solution had me printing a test page in under 2 minutes. If MS had people like you doing their help files there might not be people downgrading to XP right now. You really helped me out...TYVM!!!

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Your comment on downgrading to XP from Vista

by mikeygen In reply to Squirrelking for presiden ...

I have checked with a number of local suppliers in an effort to buy a newer, faster, etc PC and have been told the PC will not accept most of the XP drivers that he bios and other design parameters will only deal w/Vista and just a few of the XP. I prefer XP for various reasons the most improtant being a lot of my "specialty" programs will only work with XP.

If anyone has any leads to laymans info on the subject and what can or can not be done with a converterd Vista to XP machine please send or post it.


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by squirrelking In reply to Squirrelking for presiden ...

No problem! Glad to help and thanks for the nomination! ;-)

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Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you

by tom.rooney In reply to Mike, try this solution

That worked like a charm!!! This problem has been bugging me since I bought the Vista machine. I can't believe MS hasn't fixed this bug -- but I'm sure glad you figured it out. Thanks again

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