how to connect a laptop from a laptop?

By onlineph ·
hello there,

i am trying to transfer all my data to another laptop.

i don't have a big usb to transfer.

can you teach me how to connect my laptop to another laptop using a utp cable?

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P2P with Crossover

by willcomp In reply to how to connect a laptop f ...

Connect the 2 laptops with a RJ45 (Ethernet) crossover cable and setup a peer to peer network. If you have a switch or router, connect to it instead of using crossover cable.

We'll need to know operating systems involved to provide specific instructions.

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Steps for transferring data

by pcs365_1 In reply to how to connect a laptop f ...

Hi onlineph,

From your posting, I understand that you want to transfer data between laptop to laptop. Below are the steps for the same.

1) Make sure both computers are turned off. Plug each end of the crossover cable into the network jack on the back of each computer. The network jack will look like a larger version of a standard telephone jack.

2) Power on both the computers and allow their operating systems to load fully

3) On the laptop from where the data needs to be transferred, Click 'Start' and 'Control Panel'

4) Open 'Network Connections' from the Control Panel

5) Right Click 'Local Area Connection' and select 'Properties'

6) Select 'Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)' from the list and click the 'Properties' button

7) Select the radio button next to 'Use the following IP address' to set the IP address manually

Enter a numeric IP address into the box marked 'IP Address.' Use as the IP address and as the subnet mask. Because this is a private computer-to-computer network, you can leave the DNS servers and default gateway blank. Click "OK" when finished.

9) Complete the same setup on the second laptop, using as the IP address.

The two laptops should now be connected and you should be able to transfer/share the data.

Do post the results (if working or not)


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