how to connect access point to connected router

By alwynn ·
have a d-link router connected to the internet and i have an access point tp-link, i want to make a wireless link from the acces point to the router to make it as a repeater to link it by network cable to another device .

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Request for Clarification

by d13thdragon In reply to Clarifications

please read your question and see if we can under stand what you are saying.

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Request for Clarification

by berwin In reply to Clarifications

There's a lot of good information in the previous response, but I think they're talking about the best way to make wireless signals available throughout the house.

From what I'm understanding, you're trying to connect a non-wireless device (dvd streaming) to your wireless network, so you won't have to run cable to another room/floor.

If that's true, you'll need to note the throughput issues d13thdragon brought up.

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Not sure I really follow your question here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to how to connect access poi ...

Does the D Link Router have WiFi?

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just a guess at what you are asking

by d13thdragon In reply to how to connect access poi ...

Access points have three modes: Access point, Bridge, and Repeater. Remember wireless is half-duplex with only 20% good-put so you may have a 100mbs wireless this means that upstream is 50mbs and downstream is 50Mbs this equals 10Mbps of actual data the rest is wireless overhead. Now you are adding a repeater in to the mix which will down grade your server to a whopping 2.5Mbps connection of actual data. You are best to wire the access point to the router and treat it like an access point. Put the routers wireless channel on 1,6 11 use these channels only to avoid cross talk so the router is on channel 1 and the access point is on channel 6 use the same SSID and WPA2 shared key on both the router and access point your wireless device will be able to talk to the one with the best signal without having to authenticate. Being that you went as cheap as possible on your equipment without thinking about it. Don???t expect it to work as good as say a Cisco or Belkin device. Throughput on d-link and Netgear are poor even though they say 1000Mbps wired it never is even close to that.

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I think that the question is clear enough

by jasonharri5 In reply to how to connect access poi ...

First he states that he has a dlink router, in addition to the router he has a tp-link access point. He is asking how does he set up his tp-link access point to be repeat the wireless signal of his router. I believe that d13thdragon has answered this sufficiently though.

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