How to connect fax machine WITHOUT a regular phone line

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I have an HP 6210 MFC (fax machine). I don't have a regular phone line anymore. I do have Comcast cable with a Linksys wireless router connected to it. I have a PC with a fax/modem inside, but of course no RJ-11 wire connected to it. I have 2 PCs. One XP connected via wire to router. One Vista connected via 802.11n to router. The MFC is connected to the XP machine via USB and serves as a printer. I'd like to use the MFC to send & RECIEVE faxes. I've heard of a possible solution called MajicJack ( but not sure if it will work. Will this, or something else, enable me to have a phone # that I can use to send/receive faxes w/ my MFC?

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About the only possible answer here is

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to connect fax machin ...

To look at a VOIP box to connect the Fax to the Comcast line.

The solution that you have made mention of here is only a service offered by a provider and while it should work without a problem you would have to first confirm that it is usable with your equipment & area where you live.

That is just one option and there are many others available though they are all essentially a VOIP Voice Over IP Solution. This option has got very good lately but still has some major shortcomings compared to Conventional Telephone Systems. The most obvious is that the moment that power goes out you no longer have a working telephone. This alone puts off most people.


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I agree with Smeg

by tintoman In reply to About the only possible a ...

I don't know how it works where you are but here in the uk you would have to subscribe to the VoIP service with your ISP, they would then supply you with a router that you can connect a telephone to.
Attaching a fax machine to it is no problem and seems work fine

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Using MagicJack as your landline

by Jonesnmo In reply to How to connect fax machin ...

you can use the magicjack as your landline for your fax machine. all you have to do is hook the magicjack phoneline into the fax machine and it will work just fine. you have to make sure that magicjack is up and running if you have the original one that has to be plugged straight into the computer.

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Let's is Feb 22, 2013...this question was asked on
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the OP is STILL 5 years later? It serves no purpose to post
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