How To Connect few Pc's on cable modem

By vanruj ·
My friend wants to open a gaming club so we are interested is it posible and how to connect 10 or so computers on 1 Cable modem ?

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10 port swtich

by CG IT In reply to How To Connect few Pc's o ...

ought to do the trick.

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by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to How To Connect few Pc's o ...

Get a router and a switch. Connect the router to the Cable modem, connectt the switch to the router and connect all the PCs to the switch.

If the PCs all have wireless cards you can just get a wireless router and have all the PCs connect wirelessly to it instead.

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Depends on the Gaming Club Format

by OH Smeg In reply to How To Connect few Pc's o ...

If users are bringing their own computers to play games it would be better to have Wired Connections as they are faster than Wireless Connections and Games chew up a lot of Available Bandwidth so the faster the connection the better.

The simple solution is to just connect the Cable Modem to the Uplink Port of a Hub/Switch that has enough ports for your needs or if the Switch/Hubs are small connect the Modem to the Uplink Port of the First witch and then connect the next to one of the Network Ports of the first hub/Switch and that cable to the Uplink Port of the following Hub/Switches.

The down side is that doing things this way offers No Security At All to any computers connected this way.

So if your fiend is planning on purchasing the Computers them self and administer them all them self they need to add a layer of Security to save Time & Effort on every computer.

As this is a games setup I would suggest a Computer that stands between the Internet and the internal Network that Filters everything coming through.

Some form of BSD, Linux would be great for this and it wouldn't run into any Concurrent User or Licensing Issues that Windows has.

To setup something like this all that is required is to insert the Computer Filtering the Incoming data between the Cable Modem and First Hub/Switch and have 2 NIC Cards fitted to it so the Cable Modern would feed the Filter and the filter would feed the first switch's Uplink Port.


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