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how to connect microsoft visual basic 6.0 to sql server 2000

By kirankumar4488 ·
explain how to connect Microsoft Visual basic 6.0 to sql sever 2000

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solution to that is

by creative2002guy In reply to how to connect microsoft ...

"Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Password=<your password>;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=<user name>;Initial Catalog=<database name>"

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Regarding Access to Sqlserver

by muthu19485 In reply to solution to that is

We hav developed a software with VB6.0 as frontend and access2000 as a backend.
And now am interested to convert the database access to sql sever2000.For that wat are the steps I have to do?

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Depends on the app.

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Regarding Access to Sqlse ...

First as posted simply change the connection string.

Then test, see if you've got any access specific non standard SQL

How easy that is depends on how modular your code is.

Then potentially ( almost certainly) optimise.
Generally when scaling a desktop backend to a full DBMS, your problem areas will be
locking, transaction isolation and it being dog slow because you did a lot of the data processing in code instead of in the database.
How much work the above is depends on way too many factors, in my experience having done this sort of thing several times it always turns out to be a lot more management hoped.

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by SANJAY_NCCB In reply to Regarding Access to Sqlse ...


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Download the Resume

by krg_b In reply to how to connect microsoft ...

Download the Resume

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