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How to connect my private network using PPPOE.

By Blue screen ·
I have a 2003 server with 2 NIC's i am using PPPOE to connect to my ISP
Private NIC using
External NIC no ip address
I want my client pc inside my private lan to connect to the internet how should i setup my NIC cards and still use PPPOE.
I do not have a static address.

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by prabu_ram In reply to How to connect my private ...

First you put a cross-cable from your DSL to your PC (server 2003)and assign one IP address for the same network.(Meaning your DSL ip is you need to put your pc for the first NIC and you haveto put your PC's gateway you will connect one straight cable from your server second NIC(External card) to your LAN Switch,assign for second NIC and gateway is,you can configure your server as a DHCP or Proxy server). so, you can assign the LAN ip's from upto (it depends on the subnet),and you haveto put the gateway is in your LAN systems.

Note:if you have a Static IP address, you can assign the static IP for the DSL and connect the cable for the same.So, you can use your system as a Web-server and also can access the clients.

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by Blue screen In reply to How to connect my private ...

1-When i plug the cross over cable to the external NIC to the DSL modem(nortel)the PPPOE will not connect to my ISP.

2-the external NIC
3-When i make the internal NIC and the default gateway to point to the external NIC my inside lan pc will not ping the gateway weird) even when i put the gateway address( on the internal NIC.

what else should i try, i am currently using ICS but i don't really want to use it.

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by prabu_ram In reply to How to connect my private ...

You should configure PPPOA (Over ATM) in your DSL, Then only you can get the internet from the DSL.

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