How to connect netgear DG384 WiFi router/ADSL modem to a wireless router

By Tech.Guy ·
Hi all,

Can anyone plz help how to connect 2 wireless router I've internet on one of the router now I wanted to use this router to my Netgear DG384 which is a wifi/ADSL modem, Can this be configured ... if yes please assist how? ....


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how to connect two router

by technocrat25 In reply to How to connect netgear DG ...

Step 1The two routers do not need to be identical models or brands. Decide which router will be your primary, which we will call Router A. Hook up Router A, as usual. We will not go into the full details here, but you will need to connect the WAN port with a cable to the modem. See the package instructions or consult a professional for details.
Step 2After following the usual steps for hooking up Router A, connect the computer(s) that will be using Router A to the LAN port(s) using regular network cables.
Step 3Configure the home network. If you need help, follow the instructions or consult a professional. This is where you can configure both wireless and hard wire settings. When you are finished, test the computer(s) to make sure you are able to access the internet.
Step 4Now that everything works normally, then we will complicate matters by adding a second router. Connect a regular network cable to one of the LAN ports on Router A. Plug in the other end of the cable to one of the LAN ports on Router B.
Step 5Hook up the computer(s) that will be using Router B to the LAN port(s) using regular network cables.
Step 6You should now have internet access on all computers on the network. If each router has 4 ports and they are pigtailed with a LAN cable, then now 8 computers could be included on the home network. Well, actually only 6 because two of the ports are used up with the pigtail between the two routers. If one or both routers is wireless then you could connect even more computers.

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I can connect to router B from my laptop

by Tech.Guy In reply to how to connect two router

Thanks for your reply!

Please remember for internet I m using a router which is having a data sim card in it, I bought it from a Mobile service providers, This Router A has internet and from my laptop I m connected to router B, Now I need to know how I can get internet on router B, What settings I've to do on router B to get internet.

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