How to connect two computers on a different location faking LAN?

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Hey ,guys

I friend of mine downloaded Bordelands. This game has the option to LAN between two computers. Now we want to create a LAN private network between two computer at a completely different location. This way Windows will think we are LANing, but we are on different addresses. We have heard of a program wich (could possibly) do that, Hamachi, but we don't know how it works or if it is actually possible to do such thing.

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You will have to load on "Hamachi" to both computers..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to How to connect two comput ...

Hamachi is a sort of P2P software allowing you to play games on both computers securely.
More info here:

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Reponse To Answer

by chansaechao79 In reply to You will have to load on ...

Hamachi is the easiest way to do this. Why would you want to do it any other way?

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Need to set a server

by slomover In reply to How to connect two comput ...

You will have to create a server on one of the computers to act as host and you will have to open a port for the other to join, this is usually done within the same network so if you are going to have the other join across the internet then the other computer will have to have client software (Usually just the game installed) and you will have to enter your IP address and the port address in the browser window for a connection to be made. Simplified I know but thats how it works, If you go to the Borderlands website forums you can get a lot more info on this.

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by johnyblackout In reply to How to connect two comput ...

what you want is a vpn. You can set that up natively in windows.

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