How to connect two computers together

By kylebland ·
how can i connect my xp laptop to my vista so i can do remote desktop and stuff like that. for example i want to be able to be on my xp laptop and have control over my vista.

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Sorry - but sometimes I really wish the 'Job Role' entry was ....

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How to connect two comput ...

Filled with an ever-so-slightly-more-truthful input sequence.

It's a bit of an afront to have a Jobe Role of Networking/LAN Administration only to then post with "How to connect two computers together", as a question!!!

Perhaps it is just a reflection of my sad years, but if a Poster expects a truthful answer to their queries - perhaps THEY could be more truthful when they initially join-up to TR.

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Totally agree, plus another annoyance is....

by robo_dev In reply to Sorry - but sometimes I r ...

if you paste that question into Google, you'll get like 14 Bzillion hits.

But since I'm so nice, here goes.
1) Buy and install an ethernet adapter in each PC.
2) Buy and plug in an ethernet 'crossover cable' between the two PCs.
(alternately, buy two standard ethernet cables and buy one ethernet switch)
3) Assign a static IP address to one PC and a different, yet similar IP IP address to the second PC. e.g. and

4) validate, using the ping utility on each PC that PC1 can send packets to PC2, and visa-versa. Validate that each PC shows the other PC in the Windows network neighborhood.

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You forgot the most importanat bit

by Dumphrey In reply to Totally agree, plus anoth ...

which is the registry edit to enable the sharing of files...
Open regedit by typing "regedit" in the run box.

Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\AdvancedOptions\BROWSE\IEONDESKTOP
right click and choose New DWORD Value.

Name this registry key A$3Hat. Give it a value of 1. Close firefox, eat three goldfish, and....

No really, all you need is a small switch, a few ethernet cords to connect each PC to the switch, and connect a cord from your router to your switch. Unless all your computers are on the built in switch on your router. To control using remote desktop, it helps to know the ip address of the Vista box. Log in to the vista box, type in cmd n the find dialoge, and when the command window opens, type in ipconfig and press enter.
It should say, ip address is etc probably a 192.168.1.X number.
On the xp machine click the start button, choose run. In the run box type in mstsc /console and hit enter. The remote Destop connection manager should open. Type in the ip address of the vista machine, and a user name for an account on the vista box (may have to expand with the options box) a password, and then hit connect. Thats all there is to it.

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Don't forget about the LLTD ....

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Totally agree, plus anoth ...

Since this particular crossover will be between XP and Vista you have to consider the Link Layer Topology Discovery Responder.

If the XP machine doesn't have LLTD installed, the Vista machine won't be able to 'see' it.

Also if the Vista machine doesn't have LLTD enabled, it'll be invisible to the XP machine with LLTD installed.

You can download and install LLTD from:

Just thought I'd join in since you 2 guys are being so nice ...

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