How to Connect two LANs.

By sajur21 ·
I have two LANs both having seperate Dlink 24 Port Switches. These switches are adjacently located. One LAN is Connected to internet via a Router of the ISP. Now i want to establish this two as a single LAN and share the internet. Plz tell me the way to make it possible

Thanks in advance for the advice.

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one subnet and default gateway is your router

by alashhar In reply to How to Connect two LANs.

(1)you have to make your both LAN in the same subnet where they share the same IP addresses schema and same subnet mask such as

IP addresses from to
subnet mask

(2)you have to configure all the host to one default gateway which your router address for example in order to connect to the Internet.

i hope my answer is useful for you

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connect with cross cable

by ziqbal452 In reply to one subnet and default ga ...

connect the both swithes with cross cable and configure the Router Ip address as default gateway of each system.

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This is correct

by tintoman In reply to connect with cross cable

It is a simple matter of connecting the 2 switches together with an ethernet cable.
You do not need to configure each pc with a new default gateway if you have them set as automatically addresses DHCP clients

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default gateway on dhcp

by alashhar In reply to This is correct


in order to allow users to connect to the Internet through the router , you have to configure the default gateway address option in DHCP server.

however he did not mentioned that he has dhcp server.


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