How to connect wireless router to switch?

By philip_tia ·
How to connect wireless router to switch? do i use straight-through cable or crossover cable?

This is what i have had in mine. ISP (cable modem) >Wireless Router (WAN PORT) > SWITCH (Normal port). cable modem have one port, wireless router have 5 ports included WAN port, and Switch have 8 ports with no uplink port.

Please help!

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Unless you are using legacy hardware...

by SmartAceW0LF In reply to How to connect wireless r ...

The need for a distinction between crossover cables or straight through cables is not critical as it was in times past. Most all modern day routers and switches are auto-sensing, meaning they will automatically set the port properly irrespective of which of the two types of cabling used.

Your proposed scheme of hooking the devices up is correct.

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Reponse To Answer

by philip_tia In reply to Unless you are using lega ...

So, if i connect normal port of wireless router to normal port of switch with normal cable.
Will it works?

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by Tank252ca In reply to How to connect wireless r ...

Yes, it will work. New routers and switches no longer have uplink ports because all of the ports are auto-sensing and configure themselves automatically; no special cables needed.

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There are a number of ways

by Spitfire_Sysop In reply to How to connect wireless r ...

You could put the router before or after the switch. You could use the WAN port or a "regular" port off of the router. All of these configurations will "work" but they will have different potential effects.

If you wanted to put your wireless clients on a separate subnet from your other switch ports you would put the switch first and then connect a switch port to your router using the WAN port on the router. If you want to use the DHCP on your AP for both wired and wireless clients then you would put the router first, WAN port facing the WAN and a regular port to the switch.

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