How to connet a digital cable box to Windows Media Center

By tbadlov ·
I Have Time Warner Cable (HD digital cable box) and I'd like to connect it to my computer so i could use it via WMC.

I'm not sure if this is possible, any idea on how to do something like this?

I have a TV tuner card installed but my Digital Cable box has component connected to it.

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You mean the connectors on the box are taken?

by seanferd In reply to How to connet a digital c ...

Already in use for TV? Get a splitter.

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I will get a dedicated Cable box for this purposes

by tbadlov In reply to You mean the connectors o ...

But what cables do i need to connect it to my computer? my TV card has only ANT and S-video. do i plug it to there or to a different outlet?

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And the output of the cable box would be component?

by seanferd In reply to I will get a dedicated Ca ...

Or coaxial?

Easiest way to do it would be to connect through another device connected to the cable box, if the connectors mismatch between tuner card and cable box. Maybe connect through DVR, TV, or another device that passes the cable TV signal.

If you can give the exact make and model of the TV card, and even the new cable box, it would help.

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I Could not get it configured for Component video

by humphnor In reply to How to connet a digital c ...

I have a Tuner card in my PC, with an SVideo and rca jack fo the audio video. However I was not able to find a way to configure the tuner to work. I was always a manual process. So I was not able to get an HD signal. I would be interested to see if you get a good answer for this question.

Here is what I would think would happen. You would connect the Component video and audio to the input on the Tuner. The tuner card comes with a IR sender that plugs into the IR reciever or the back of the tuner card. This would control the set to box and set the channel.
The issue I had was the system did not detect the TV signal. So I had to connect the Coaxial output from the HD box to the Coaxial on the PC tv tuner. The signal is just standard not HD.

I am also working on getting a Digital Cable Card by ATI and this will work with my P5Q Asus motherboard. I gather they will work with Windows 7, but I cannot verify this.

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