How to control the router for Internet access?

By yyxd78 ·
I have a high speed internet wireless router at home. My teenage son has his own pc cabled to the router. We are both use Vista.

How can I control from my pc when my son's pc can access internet without installing a parental control program on my son's pc? Say, I want the access to be locked between midnight and 6 AM?

Your help would be appreciated.

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by ---TK--- In reply to How to control the router ...

kind of router do you have?

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The router I have

by yyxd78 In reply to what....

I have Westell VersaLink 327W from Verizon.

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Seems possible

by seanferd In reply to The router I have

but you'll have to check.
If you don't have the User Guide on CD, here it is, as Verizon did not exactly make it easy to find:

There are two things to look at here:
p26: Disconnecting from the internet
p15: Set an administrator password
-this is the router password, not a computer account password, or ISP connection password-

(do not use "remember password"! don't let your son know the password! use a strong password - at least 12 characters, mixed letters & numbers & any other allowed symbols - don't use words or names - and don't forget it. Write it down & keep it somewhere safe.)

What it looks like you can do is disconnect after hours, then log in as the router admin and connect when you see fit.

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Check Access Restrictions page in router

by Thmiuatga In reply to How to control the router ...

I am using a Linksys Router but I am going to make a S.W.A.G. that it's no difference in yours when it comes to the settings.

Assess the webpage for your router and go to the internet access page. There should be a button on the page that says: "Edit list of PC's"

Once you click on that, a window appears where you can enter the MAC address and IP addresses of the PC's attached to the router.
If you have the MAC address of your son's PC enter it into the list of connected PC's on that page.

Then save the settings and close the page. After this, you can set the internet access lock down on your son's PC. Once this is done, save your settings.

I hope this helps!

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