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How to convert Medisoft .MBK to .ADT?

By Erik Eckel Contributor ·
Anyone know how to convert Medisoft files?

I have a client whose Win9x hard disk (and floppy drive) failed. I've replaced the failed components and have Win9x back up and running, but I'm having trouble getting the client's Medisoft program (v7.02) back to normal. Whenever I try to load Medisoft an error message appears stating the database couldn't be opened (which of course, it can't, because I haven't had a chance to convert the .MBK to .ADT).

The client has a backup file (kept on a USB keychain). The backup data is stored as an .MBK, but the client software seeks an .ADT file.

I've backed up the backup to another desktop (as the only remaining copy was on the USB keychain), and the next order of business is to get the backup converted from an .MBK to an .ADT.

Any help is appreciated, as Medisoft no longer appears to offer v7.02 support on its site (the company's now promoting v12).


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How to convert Medisoft . ...

OK as no one else has an answer for you I'll give it a go although I personally don't have any first hand experience with this program and I honestly try to avoid any Form of Medical Programs at the best of times.

Now many years ago when I worked medical the programs would store their data in a DBase and save it Zipped as a different format which is what appears to have happened here.

If the old HDD is completely hosed you're going to find that you have a few problems as by the sounds of things you are working from an Upgrade disc trying to install the program and knowing Doctors I'm betting that they have either lost or thrown away the original Install CD for the program. If the old HDD is still working but not properly you can dump it into a USB Caddy and just move the Program across to the new HDD and then you should be able to install the Update program so it works as it will have the necessary folder & DBase present.

If you can't do that you can try to create a Folder that is the default installation name and transfer a file of any kind across to it and rename it to the correct file extension and that might work even if the install program insists that the DBase is corrupt and unworkable. You should be able to get away with just a file of the right type in the proper place to complete the install. If that works you can then delete the made-up file and proceed to import the old DBase from the backup and that should get things working correctly with all the data restored.

If that doesn't work drop me a PM and I'll see if I can think of anything else to try.


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by medworks In reply to How to convert Medisoft . ...

Hi Erik,
A .mbk file is a MediSoft backup file.. To convert this back to usable data, you need to create a new practice in MediSoft then go to the File menu and select Restore Data... This will extract the .mbk file to .adt files and you should be up in running... If you need any help networking MediSoft or if you have any other questions you can call me @ 502.905.2581 or visit my web page @ ... Ashley Cooper

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.mbk restore

by backbones In reply to

Ashley, I have a question as I seem to have problems restoring my .mbk file indicating "Insert last disk set" are there any utility to recover from this?

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