How to convert XML to HTML?

By GeoWassung ·
I am a perl noob, but have been given the task of converting an XML file to several small HTML pages. Any suggestions, or directions would be appreciated. I have looked at XML::Simple, but haven't figured out a "simple" way to create the pages once the XML is parsed.
Thanks in advance.


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by GeoWassung In reply to try a convertor

Thanks dbBen, Yes I have checked out several of the converters. So far, with most that I have looked at is the lack of flexibility/customization with the low end ones. And the "free trials" of the higher end apps, are limited until you make the purchase. I am scripting a "converter" with perl and finding it fairly strait forward.
Again, thanks,


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What do you mean convert it?

by Slayer_ In reply to How to convert XML to HTM ...

HTML is based on XML, but XML is not HTML. XML is a representation of data, HTML is a mark up language.
If you want XML to display like a webpage, add a CSS file to the XML and style it.
You can also check out XSLT transform.

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by databaseben In reply to What do you mean convert ...

also, if the xml was created and saved by an msoffice2007 module, like word, it can be re-saved as html by word to complete the transformation.

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Try this application for convert XML to HTML.

by Mhdshrestha In reply to How to convert XML to HTM ...

Hello bro,
try this application to convert XML file format to HTML file.
Links for Software:
(Official Page for XML Converter)
( download site)

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