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How to convince users to use their computers only for business related work

By creative8008 ·
I always get impressed when i receive a help request from a user that said : " My computer is very slow, i need to wait 5 minutes to open any application"

Although he has a P4 computer with 60GB HDD and 512MB of RAM, it looks like there is somthing serious happing, checking viurs monitoring log on the server, checking updates, every thing works fine , but finally you go to the user look at his computer then be happy or get made you fined thousands of MP3s songs, handrads of Moives and quit few games mostly not more than 10 - 15, and finally up to 13 -15 startup programs such as chatting programs, messengers, picture views, calenders !!! Now can any one tell me How to convince users to use their computers only for business related work specially if those users in upper managment levels ?

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by gadgetgirl In reply to How to convince users to ...

You desperately need to write and ratify some usage policies!

If you don't tell the users what they can and can't do, they will just go ahead and do anything they wish - especially if they work from home, use a laptop etc.

I work in the health service in the UK, and I am currently manufacturing an ISMS (Information Security Management System) which is based on a framework of policies which users are bound to abide by through their terms and conditions of working.

If you google Usage Policies, you'll get my drift. You can also find lots of justification for applying policies, too - again, just look for Information Security Incidents, and you'll have enough bullets for your gun!

Best of luck, you'll need it.


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Rules breakers !!!!

by creative8008 In reply to Policies

Thanks for your replay, but i have set kots of rules and policies , the problem comes when i tell a user why you break the rules, i always got the same answer " why you don't tell my manager" and the most funny thing that his manager is doing the same thing, even if i goes to higher level than a manager, know body care they all said " a good computer can handle any type of usage". !!!!

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Document the Issue

by BFilmFan In reply to Rules breakers !!!!

Document the issue each time you find it.

When they download a virus or trojan and it knocks out their system and a multitude of others, you will have some lovely documentation to assist them in finding new opportunities.

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Security and time loss

by manuel.amaro In reply to Rules breakers !!!!

I believe you have to bring your top manager to your team.
You have to start showing him/her the time spent on recovering from problems caused by bad use of the computer and the security problem the company could get with spyware or viruses.
Remember him that time is money and a bad virus could stop the entire company.
Than you should start writing a security/using computer policy to apply and make them signed by all employees.

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by Tmansops In reply to Security and time loss

We had a similar issue. Luckily I reported to the CFO. I gave him hard evidence of what was going on, but more importantly the cost to support/fix these issues. When he saw the weekly tally he pushed it to the other Sr. Managers and it was reduced. It also justified software to monitor and block these items. Use Sr. Management as a the lost cost.

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Software Policies

by w2ktechman In reply to Rules breakers !!!!

If you really want to do the work, create some computer software policies to ban the install and/or use of many programs. It will not get them all, but it may work for the most common ones.

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What I learned

by kaogle In reply to Software Policies

I went to a training class last week and they gave me this advice:

1> Do not enforce the policy yourself, have HR *the check signers* enforce it.
2> Make an example out of somebody. Somebody has to be the example of what happens if you defy the rules.
3> Make sure everybody knows that the enviroment is a "No expectation of privacy" enviroment. Meaning there IS a big brother in this area.
4> If all else fails, take away their computer. Its not theirs, typicly in an enviroment, it is actually the "property" of the IT department.

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O yeah, teachers...

by OkO In reply to What I learned

O yeah, it's so utmost simple to tell what to do in a classroom; and indeed, the advices look healthy.
But, about the rules in practice:
1. HR-people generally don't know anything about 'policies'...and will not be interested either
2. That's the way to make an eternal ennemy
3. Who is going to do the checking? You? You got nothing else to do?
4. Taking away their computer? Good plan! But, where is this organization, where THAT will be allowed??

In short: LOL!

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Strong IS Management is Needed

by HubeJo In reply to Rules breakers !!!!

We elliminated this issue with Strong IT Management. IS policies are reviewed by a VP, and the VP chosen to be in charge of IS has an IT background (he understands). The policy approved for situations like yours is when a user had ANY issue with their PC, the moment IS discovers anything on their PC that breaks the rules we ghost it. All we backup / restore is the users documents folder (and the rules also say that anything you need to keep, you need to have it in your documents folder because IS can reprep your PC at any time without any advanced notice). Repeat offenders get their PC reprepped automatically when they have an issue, virus alert pointing to their PC, etc.

Addendum: After reading the replies I'd like to explain how we have kept the attitude towards our department good, overall.
For every policy we have an explanation that comes across as helpful not only to our department and the network, but first and foremost to the user. Our job is to guide and keep them as productive as possible; we are the ones educated/the experts on how to do this- so at times out "guidance" does include locking down the desktop, taking CD ROMs away from the user etc.
As much as we respect the expertise of users in THEIR field of expertise, it is in their best interest to respect ours (or at least in the best interest of the company- and we are all here to help the company progress- right?
It has also been proven that when users take ownership of their systems, they are better motivated and equipped to handle issues with their software. Although IS can mandate how and when software is upgraded, it is no different then when administration mandates policies for departments without taking ownership of that department. Sometimes it helps to explain at the users level in parallel (if the user is unreasonable be careful not to stoop down to a lower level); many things are regulated- fences are everywhere- IT just has their own version. Other people have their fields of expertise and can do more in their field than we can do, just as we can do more on our PCs than most people. That does not mean we should do their software-related work for them just because we are the software experts; that would almost be like telling the Accounting Dept. they have to do your taxes because they are the experts, and they are the ones that got you into this mess by reporting your tax information to the government.

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by MavMin2 In reply to Strong IS Management is N ...

We seem to have a lot of fear about how the union will feel about standardized desktops, lock downs, Net use, mail monitoring, etc. We need to do these things because most of our Net use has nothing to do with the job and if I sign on to a machine and the e-mail is up 85% of what I see are jokes and personal e-mails.

Our brand new machines started getting cussed about being slow in less than three months. We were getting reqest for more RAM and bigger HDs. Go to the machine and like the original message it would be loaded with all sorts of junk.

The users think that the PC is THEIR machine not the corporation's. Tell them waht to do and not do to keep their machine speedy and they will ignore you. I have even been called a Nazi because I will delete junk and lock down applications.

I want to pull what little hair I have left.

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