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How to copy files from Windows PC to Linux server.

By Blue screen ·
I am new to Linux so i need step by step instructions.
How do i copy files from a windows pc to the Linux server? Or from the Linux server?
Thanks for your help.

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to How to copy files from Wi ...

Set up SSH - Secure Shell, which uses port 22. Usually this option is available when you install Linux. If not, you need to enable the sshd service. Make sure you do not open port 22 to the outside world, just make it available from inside the LAN.

The simplest way to finetune your services like SSH and restart services is by using Webmin from Webmin runs as a service and listens on port 10000. When you point your PC's browser to that port, you will have GUI administrator functions at your disposal, even if you only had command prompt available on the Linux box.

There are a number of SSH client applications you can use on Windows for file transfers both ways. Have a look at WinSCP from SCP stands for Secure Copy.

In the left pane of WinSCP you see the directories in the local PC and the right pane shows you the Linux directories. You edit text files and set properties like Group, Owner and Permissions for directories and files.

Alternatively, you can set up Samba on the Linux server and you will have Linux talking SMB or the Windows file protocol and you will be able to see the shared directory on the Linux server from Windows.

Some Linux distributions like Knoppix will also allow you to do file transfers from the Linux KDE graphical desktop to Windows workstations and servers.

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by raagi In reply to

Dear Sir,
The Post by Toivo Talikka is very much helpful. Its really works. Thanks a lot.

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by Choppit In reply to How to copy files from Wi ...

There's a number of ways you can do this and the best method will depend on both your skills, the size of the files and resources available.

The most straightforward method would be to copy the files to removable media (CD/DVD).

SCP is another option, you'll need an SSH client to do this, for which I'd recommend Putty and PSCP if you're comfortable working from the command line. Alternatively use WinSCP
if you prefer to use an explorer type interface


Setup an SMB share on the Linux box using Samba. This option is worth considering if you intend to move files to and from on a regular basis.

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by G... In reply to How to copy files from Wi ...

It looks complicated to me but works probably fine. When I want a Linux box "talking to" windows PC. I just create a workgroup with the windows machines then install Samba on the linux and make it part of the workgroup. It makes it look like a windows machine inside the group. How to install and configure it is difficult to say (but generally not so difficult to do) because it depends on what you want but I can mention Samba-Swat that is a web interface to configure the Samba service with a help function for most of the specs.
If you need it through internet then I'll suggest installing an FTP server on the Linux.
If you want to

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by jmgarvin In reply to How to copy files from Wi ...

I noticed ssh/scp have been commented on. I'd like to add Samba.

You can create Windows folder/file shares in Linux and mount Windows folder/file shares in Linux.

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so many ways are there for to copy files from windows to linux

by joseph mandy In reply to How to copy files from Wi ...

mount command for to mount files from WINDOWS to LINUX
mount -t cifs //windows ip/windows location which u want to share -o username=windows username,password=<windows password> /mnt/<linuxlocation in mount directory>

umount /mnt/mypc

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