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How to : copy Profile

By werner.visser ·

I manage a WinNT domain with approx. 600 users. They all use local profiles and we are moving to a new Win2k domain shortly. I want to switch from local profiles to roaming profiles, but I don't want to configure all these profiles again (printers, outlook, etc).

How can I copy these local profiles from WinNT to Win2k. These users haven't logged on yet to the new domain and they are getting new usernames :)

Thank you in advance !

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How to : copy Profile

by Igor948 In reply to How to : copy Profile

You should be able to copy the users' NTMAN.DAT file for each user, and then set them to roaming profiles after they are copied over to the Win2K system. It will still be a lot of work.

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How to : copy Profile

by werner.visser In reply to How to : copy Profile

Yes I agree, but there has to be a easier answer for this... I guess I am not the only person who has to do this

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How to : copy Profile

by Igor948 In reply to How to : copy Profile

This is from a TechRepublic newsletter article, maybe THIS will help. I did not know about this tool.

"Although you can move profiles manually, doing so requires quite a bit of work, including tweaking the user's registry. Using the MOVEUSER tool is a better option. This tool is included with the Windows 2000 Resource Kit Supplement One.

To move a user's profile, log on to the computer where the existing profile resides and use an account that has the necessary rights to create and modify user accounts on both the local and target computers (which can be the same computer). Use the following command to move the profile:

Moveuser <source> <target>

Replace <source> with the source user account and replace <target> with the target user account. You can specify both in the form user\domain or, for a local account, specify the user name and omit the domain.

You can add the /k switch to the end of the command to copy the profile rather than move it. Use the /y switch to overwrite an existing target profile. If you need to move profiles on a remote computer, include the /c: switch and the remote computer name. The following example copies the joe profile to the josef profile on a remote computer named josef_pc:

Moveuser joe Josef c:\\josef_pc

Avoid specifying the same name for the source and target profile names. In general, doing so results in a failed move and a corrupted profile. "

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