How to correct problem of inaccessible website?

By sirknightii ·
I have been using a Belkin router G series for about two years now. This is connected to my bright-house/road runner cable modem.
My devices - 4 total, have been accessing the internet through this network for over a year now. For the last week one company that I generally access their website from my laptop and desktop has become inaccessible.

Whenever I use my saved link I get message saying that - Internet explorer cannot display the webpage. I have tried typing the website in manually and get the same message. I have gone to Google, Bing, Yahoo, type the name and click on the links from there and get the same responses.

I have spent time on the phone with the company with their techs who established that nothing is wrong with their website, time with my ISP who said the problem was with the router manufacturer, the router manufacturer walked me through the process of upgrading the firmware, turning off the firewall and some other exercises and still nothing.

When I detach the router and plug my laptop directly to the modem I still cannot get to the site either.

I just restored my laptop to factory default and still unable to access site.

I have shut the whole network down and plugged everything out - started modem after 1hr then the router another hour and another 5 hours before starting machines up and I still get the same message.

I can surf the web, check emails with Yahoo, Hotmail, Juno, Gmail, access all the other websites in my favorites. Also when I use the Wi-Fi on my phone to provide internet access for my laptop - it can access that website, log in and navigate.

What do I need to do on my network that I have not already done?

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Tried all suggestions here?

by seanferd In reply to How to correct problem of ...

"Factory default" - did that wipe everything from from the laptop? If you still have the same user account, and didn't have to reinstall other browsers and software, it wasn't a clean reset.

But since you say it happens with all machines in your network, try some diagnostics.

Try to access the site with and without the www subdomain appended.

Note: Prior to each test, you need to clear the browser cache (for browser checks) and the local resolver cache (for all tests) or you will likely be using the "bad" cached information, and always get a negative result. (You could also temporarily or permanently set the DNS Client service to manual.)

nslookup <i>domain.tld.</i>
-Always include the trailing dot!
Does this resolve to the correct IP address? You can check the domain IP here:

We might be able to tell something from
ipconfig /all
if you post the results here.

We may also be able to tell something from the domain name and the URL if you post it here.

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Good work

by L-Mo In reply to How to correct problem of ...

I think you already identified the problem. It sounds like it's your cable modem.

It's not your browser settings, or your laptop - you confirmed that by being able to access the site using a different network.

I don't think it's the wi-fi router, because you removed it and the problem persisted.

Since your ISP stated that they're not blocking it, I would try a ping - and a tracert - to the site.

I would also ask them for a different modem, and continue testing without the wi-fi router in place (eliminate the variable).

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Inaccessible website - Resolved

by sirknightii In reply to How to correct problem of ...

While doing my trouble-shooting with the company whose site I could not access, the first tech had forwarded the issue to the next tier.

Seeing as I had got no response from them I went ahead with my other troubleshooting steps.

I just got an email today from them indicating that "the IP issue has been resolved."
It turns out to be an IP issue indeed since now I can access the site once again from my Desktop as well as my laptop. I am now able to navigate around the site as I once did before.
Wish the first tech had given me that hint - would have saved me countless man hours.

Thanks for the advice Seanferd & L-Mo

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