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how to create a local web page?

By donald828 ·
how can i make this page possible -

how can i configure the folder that all my sample projects be accessed thru this address?

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by Jaqui In reply to how to create a local web ...

what webserver?
with apache it's easy, change the default ip number to ( which is localhost )
change the document root to /documents/

change the default file for loading to index.asp, sample.asp, content.asp
( whichever you want )

make sure you have mod_asp installed if apache

if it's m$ II$ haven't the foggiest

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to how to create a local web ...

If it's a windows ssytem then there must be an asp aware webserver running on it.
after that you just need to set up the path under the default web page directory (wwwroot) under IIS ans enable scripting if you really feel the need to use asp.
Of course if you haven't got a web server on the pc in question, your stuffed with any server side technology. You can only create html pages and then shell them so they load up in the default browser.

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