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How to create a Login Script - Windows 2003 Server

By tcombs ·
I need
I need to figure out how to create a login script for several users that need to have a route added.

network layout -
I have a cisco 5520 firewall that is the main default gateway -

All the users use that gateway.

However, we recently implemented an MPLS and that router sits behind the default gateway, it's IP address is: ..... This was put into place because we have a few users that must connect to our HQ in Japan. There are a few applications that only they need access to.

Initially I switched all the users default gateway to .17 , and used routes on the router to point all the internet traffic and anyone that didn't need access to HQ to go out through .1 . That worked fine, but then we started having issues internally with applications across the network.

So rather than change everything to accommodate just a few users, I switched it back to default to .1 .....

Now, I need to create a logon script that adds routes to those 5 users.
For example -
If user needs to access , they have to go through the MPLS at .

Please help. I know how to go in and add a route using a command prompt, but obviously, I don't want to do this for all the routes, even though there's only 5 users, everytime they restart their computer.

I've never created a logon script, so if you can give me an example - THAT WOULD BE MUCH

This is a great forum and I know there's someone that can help! Thanks in advance!

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Use a batch file and apply in GP

by Monice In reply to How to create a Login Scr ...

Create a .bat file with the routes you need to add. ie..

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ROUTE ADD -p MASK metric 1

Apply the script in GP under User Configuration ?> Windows Settings ?> Scripts? for Logon/Logoff user events

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