how to create a platform to sync two cloud storage ?

By novaworld1170 ·
i need to develop a platform where i can sync two cloud storages and access them with source code
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Use a Cloud Gateway

by henrycartersmith93 In reply to how to create a platform ...

The best possible solution for you is to get a cloud gateway solution that can easily integrate the two clouds.

Are those S3 Compatible clouds? If so you opt for StoneFly Smart Cloud Gateway. Install it on both clouds and easily sync the two clouds without any hassle.

But you also mentioned about it being open source, There are few open-source gateway solutions out there like, polarkey technologies cloud gateway, I have also heard about Zuul from Netflix which is also a good open-source gateway.

Open source offers more customization but going for smart cloud gateway seems to be a better, straight forward solution.

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platform to sync two cloud storage ?

by jahagirdarajinkya In reply to how to create a platform ...

Cloud Sync is a way to keep the same updated files in different locations through cloud storage services. No matter where they were geographically edited or changed, the file will be the same from where ever it is accessed. This is a great way to keep files current, consistent, and accessible to users across multiple locations and platforms.

Most cloud storage platforms such as and etc., offer what is commonly known as a “sync folder” in your file system. These sync folders automatically copy files in their most up-to-date versions to all devices connected to the corresponding cloud account. For example, a Dropbox sync folder on your device will automatically sync content to your Dropbox cloud storage account. But you won’t be able to connect and sync various cloud storage platforms together by yourself. You will need an application that is able to integrate and synchronize content among your multiple cloud services.

How does Cloud Sync work?
There is no one right answer, as it will all depend on your personal cloud syncing and cloud migration needs. Do you need one-way sync? Possibly a bi-directional sync (or two-way sync), or to manage a multi or hybrid-cloud environment? Do you want to sync more than two platforms for a synchronized cloud environment? Whatever your cloud migration needs may be, consider synchronizing your content using a hosted system or third-party tool. On the other hand, you could even try to create your very own DIY sync system. Either way, setting up a cloud sync system can create platform freedom among users.

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