How to create a server image?

By James Schroer ·
Since all our servers are boot from SAN I was thinking about creating one LUN with a harden OS (2003 or 200 and then running a sysprep on that and marking that LUN as read only and use that as a clone for new servers. My question is if I do that how can I package other drivers onto that image? Say I build it with a model of server that has a certain nic installed. Then I use that on a different server with a different NIC. Is there a way I can package those drivers into my image? If sysprep isn't the answer then is there another tool I can use?

My idea is to really get away from a full building of a server because it takes so long for the actual install along with all the patches. I want some image that I can throw down and turn it on and just answer a few questions like Server name and have it up and running.

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