How to create a VPN?

By ricky ·
Can you help me set up a VPN? I am working on a project and I dont know how to set up a VPN? Thanks in advance.

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by sventek_krishti In reply to How to create a VPN?

For your VPN it will depend on your currernt hardware and setup. If your running in a business enviroment and want an easy and cheap solution then you can setup a win 2000 server and configure ras to allow incoming VPN connections.

You will of course need to modify your firewall (if in place) to port forward so that connectivity is feasible.

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Thanks Sventek

by ricky In reply to VPN

Hi Sventek,

The VPN that I will set up will be two separate locations, they will be connected using ATM from a local ISP. What are the resources that I need to achieve this? Our local ISP uses adsl connection.

Thanking you in advance and warmest regards,


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by shady108 In reply to Thanks Sventek

you can purchase a netgear SSL312 VPN box :-)

its quick cheap and easy to setup up. Stick it between your firewall/router and your servers......... setup a rule on the firewall to forward internet traffic to the SSL312 (most business routers etc have 2 wan ports, if this is the case setup the VPN on WAN2 and forward all traffic from WAN2 to the SSL312s IP address)

then on the SSL312 you need to setup a rule to point it to the network. the ssl312 allows users to login externally using the same login they use on the network. They can also use outlook exactly the same as in the office to and access all network resources.

Theres setup guides on the netgear website to help. I know im selling netgear here, i dont work for them its just i set my first VPN up in october and it was so easy doing it this way!!!

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netgear editted

by shady108 In reply to Thanks Sventek

if you want to go down this route, i had to write a setup guide to go along with the VPN i setup, it tells u exactly how to setup and configure it using the SSL312 :) will sen dit your way if u need it

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Net Gear edited

by ronrazik In reply to netgear editted

Could you also send me a copy of your setup guide to go along with the VPN setup

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