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How to create a WBS?

By Kristyle ·
My company doesn't have a formal project management process, but for a new software package that we will be developing, we'd like to start one. I don't have any formal project management experience, but have read enough to at least have a clue.

My question is: does anyone know of a good software package that will assist us in creating a Work Breakdown Structure? As I'm going about setting up this process, I'd like to have something that would "prompt" me about what kinds of items should beincluded (especially things that we might not think about untill too late!).

If anyone has any suggestions, they would be greatly appreicated!

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Microsoft Project

by ND_IT In reply to How to create a WBS?

Microsoft Project is what our IT and Engineering department use as for as Project Management and the breakdown of the project, what resources need to be used, is it tied to another project, a timeline when a project is started, when it need to be finished. There are a lot of good tools in this software.

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Selecting a Tool

by Oldefar In reply to How to create a WBS?

Keep in mind that any software used for WBS is simply a tool. Success depends on how well you execute. There are a couple of excellent sites such as that discuss the WBS.

The more familiar you are with the tool, the better it will work for you and your environment. If MS Office pretty much defines your environment, then you will probably find the capabilities of MS Project a good fit. In particular, some of the administration aspects integrate well with other MS products like Outlook and Exchange.

If you are more concerned with insuring you have fully defined this project and included all related aspects, you may want to consider a visualization package like Inspiration 7 to assist in this. While the package is geared towards the education environment, it can be a real aid in defining scopes. is their URL.

At least one major system integrator that I know of has created an internal package that works much like Inspiration for developers. Unfortunately, it remains an internal resource only.

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