How to create a win7 installation with all the necessary applications???

By Flasoft ·
How can i create a bootable windows 7 clone or installation with all the necessary applications and settings installed.
I tried with vLite but it only streamlined the installation but i could not intergrate applications such as Office and Antivirus.

Please help me, i need do this to make for my computer lab, i have 32 workstations and i want to make installation easier for me..

Thank you all in advance..

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try imagining?

by markp24 In reply to How to create a win7 inst ...


if all the computers are the same hardware, you may want to try cloaning them (clonzilla or ghost, or driveimage xml are some utilities to use for that.)

set up your first system exactly how you want all of them to be, create an image using one of the utilities above (or another), save it to an external hard drive, network drive or dvds.
then on the other 31 workstations , extract the image,
you will still need to rename them, and join them to a workgroup/domain (if needed).

but they will be all identical otherwise.

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will i be able to put the image on a DVD

by Flasoft In reply to How to create a win7 inst ...

thnks alot, ut will i be still able to put it on a DVD disk or i would have to extract it from an external hard drive.

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yes you can, it might be a few dvds, unless you use DL DVDS

by markp24 In reply to How to create a win7 inst ...


you can write images to DVD (set the option to split the image to the DVD size your using (ie 4.6 gb, or double that for Dual layer (you may need to adjust that size depending on the wasted space for file allocation onthe dvd) then write them to DVD or some apps will automatically write to dvd)

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Skip the DVD's...

by kandyass In reply to How to create a win7 inst ...

If you use clonezilla/DRBL server you could boot all 31 of the machines from a network image and clone the installation image to each one's hard drive simultaneously. If all of the machines are going to be networked anyway, this is the way to go. This should get you going:

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to How to create a win7 inst ...

The recommended approach is to use Windows Deployment Services on Windows 2008 Server or later. You can create your image with all the apps, sysprep it and upload it to WDS which can be then be used to deploy it to multiple PCs at once over the network.
No expensive software required, no DVDs or portable HDs required.

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A step-by-step guide from Microsoft

by Bob in upstate NY In reply to How to create a win7 inst ...

Anybody have experience with this method? Set up a "reference computer" and run the process from a "technician computer:"

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Thank you

by Flasoft In reply to How to create a win7 inst ...

Thank you all for your help.. Much appriciated..

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