How to create an email distribution list of undisclosed recipients?

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I often receive email messages showing "undisclosed recipients" as an addressee, no email address. I am puzzled how it is created. I try distribution lists with Microsoft Outlook 2010. It always shows the actual email address at the receiving end.

When I put the distribution list at the Bcc field and then have my own email address on the To field it sort of works. However I would like to have no email address on the To field either. That's what I see, in all the emails I receive, at the To field, no email address, but only the words "undisclosed recipients".

I have created a contact with the name "undisclosed recipients". However, I have to put an email address in the email field before I can use it. I wonder how I can achieve that without an email address.

All the examples on the net have an email address assigned to the email field. I use a few email addresses. I would like to create one for undisclosed recipients without associating it with any specific email address so that I can use it universally.

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The reason other people are able to do this is because they are not sending from a distribution list on their PC or via some client software like Outlook, they are using a 3rd party service, or their own server which is setup to send the message to each user individually (not all as a group under the BCC field)

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by Healer In reply to explination

I thank you for your help.

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