How to create EXCEL "Fill In Form" for email use

By grantfletcher-luciena ·
How do you take an order from created in EXCEL, and allow users to update the data fields and email the form back to you???

I've successfully created the look that I want. How do I protect certain cells so that the user can not edit those fields when filling out the form?

How do I fill in the "edit box". When i click into it, it just pushes the "edit box" to the right instead of writing within the "edit box".

I hope this makes sense:0 I desperately need your help! My company's too tight to just pay for professional service.

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Re: How to create EXCEL "Fill In Form" for email use

I have put some info here, but if you want more just go into the Microsoft web site or look in the "Help" section in Excell. I hope all goes well.

Create content with restricted permission
Applies to: Microsoft Office Excel 2003, PowerPoint 2003, Word 2003
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Note You can create content with restricted permission using Information Rights Management only in Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003, Microsoft Office Word 2003, Microsoft Office Excel 2003, and Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003.

Start Microsoft Office Word 2003, Microsoft Office Excel 2003, or Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003, and create a new document, workbook, or presentation.
On the File menu, point to Permission, and then click Do Not Distribute.
In the Permission dialog box, select the Restrict permission to this <file type> check box.
In the Read and Change boxes, type the names or e-mail addresses of people you want to give permission to.

If you want to give all users permission, click Give all users Read access to the right of the Read box, or click Give all users Change access to the right of the Change box.
Click OK, save your document, workbook, or presentation, and distribute to the people with permission.

Lock only a few cells on a worksheet
Applies to: Microsoft Office Excel 2003
Applies to
Microsoft Office Excel 2003
Microsoft Excel 97, 2000, and 2002

Select the entire worksheet by clicking the Select All button (the gray rectangle directly above the row number for row 1 and to the left of column letter A).
Click Cells on the Format menu, click the Protection tab, and then clear the Locked check box.
This unlocks all the cells on the worksheet

Note If the Cells command is not available, parts of the worksheet may already be locked. On the Tools menu, point to Protection, and then click Unprotect Sheet.

Select just the cells you want to lock and repeat step 2, but this time select the Locked check box.
On the Tools menu, point to Protection, click Protect Sheet, and then click OK.
Note In the Protect Sheet dialog box, you have the option to specify a password and select the elements that you want users to be able to.

Fill out an on-screen form
Applies to: Microsoft Office Excel 2003
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On the File menu, click New, and then click General Templates.
In the Templates dialog box, click the tab that contains the template (template: A workbook that you create and use as the basis for other similar workbooks. You can create templates for workbooks and worksheets. The default template for workbooks is called Book.xlt. The default template for worksheets is called Sheet.xlt.) for the form, and then double-click the template.
If the template for your form is not displayed on one of the tabs, make sure the template is stored in your Templates folder or one of its subfolders, or ask your system administrator how to find and use the form.

Enter the requested information, and follow any other instructions in the form.
Click Save .
In the Save in box, open the folder where you want to store your copy of the form.
If the form is used by others in your group and you want to save your copy of the form in a shared network location, ask your system administrator where you should save your copy of the form and whether you should follow any file naming conventions.

In the File name box, type a name for the form, and then click Save.
If the form has been designed to copy your entered data to a database, a message is displayed asking whether you want to add your data as a new database record. To add your data, click Yes.

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