how to create folders in windows 2003 server

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A couple of years ago on a windows 2000 server I was able to set up class folders for my students in explorer on c: drive. Here is what I had: A folder called Tech resources. Inside of this I had a folder for each of my classes,eg. tech 2109. permission for each folder only to students in that class. Inside of the class folder I had group folders that contained 3 students per group, permissions only for the students in each group. Basically what i was doing was setting up group folders inside of class folders so only those students in that group could save or view data in that folder.Also when they went to my computer the directory would show up.
I now have a new server windows 2003 but I can't seem to be able to create these folders as I did in windows 2000. Am I missing something or is there a different way I have to go about it.
Sorry for the long post :)

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One key difference in Windows 2003 is the default share permissions

by georgeou In reply to how to create folders in ...

Share permissions in Windows 2000 default to everyone having read/write access. In Windows 2003 Server, it defaults to read-only. Do not confuse share permissions with file permissions. Even if a user has full access to a file, the share permissions will prevent them from writing to it from a network.

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