How to create new document straight from dock?

By thereaperjoe4 ·
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Is there anyway to right click and create a new document directly from the dock icon for Word or Excel?

I'm tired of clocking the programme open and then using a shortcut or going up to 'File' the menu bar.

So if there was a programme/add on/anything... that would allow me to do it from the dock.
I've got 'New File Menu' which allows me to do this in finder and think it's great!

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Re: create new document

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to How to create new documen ...

In Windows (note: you posted in the Windows forum), it's a right click on the desktop, then choose New, then choose MS Word document. No need at all for a third party add-on.

Do I understand correctly that this can't be done natively in Mac OS?

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Welcome back

by itsdigger In reply to Re: create new document
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Thank you digger.

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Welcome back

There are some technical issues on the forums once in a while, especially for moderators, for some reason, so I created a non-moderator account kbtr1 also and used quite regularly. So I wasn't really gone.

But it's nice to be welcomed back! Makes me feel welcome.

And let me use the occasion to thank you for flagging spam posts you see. Very helpful!

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