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How to create web design that will boost my SEO

By damonterll ·
Is there any tricks when you are making the web design for the website that can boost your SEO? I just finished my first project (link removed by moderator) and now I am looking for some advices about SEO. Feel free to post your thoughts about my website.

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Web Design

by In reply to How to create web design ...

Web Design must be clear and related to your Business. To boost SEO for your website you need to do image optimization and give alt tags for all images and content should be genuine...these also some most important things...

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website design for seo

by asamits765 In reply to How to create web design ...

Your website must be relevant and clear to what topic you want to make its SEO. You should optimize all the parameters like layout, design, content, images, videos etc. All these must be SEO friendly and should be tag optimized.

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Tips to design SEO friendly website.

by ebiztrait In reply to How to create web design ...

I think you need to consider following things while designing the website for SEO purpose:

1. Create SEO friendly URLs (Avoid special symbols like ? % & + $ etc.)
2. Create a Mobile Friendly Website (Use AMP version if possible)
3. Create a Responsive Website
4. Improve website loading speed
5. Follow Heading structure in the website(H1, H2, H3,...H6)
6. Use fresh & high-quality Engaging content in a website

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Web design

by DavidS24 In reply to How to create web design ...

One of the most important elements of site optimization is images.
Most often, this component of SEO site development, as the correct handling of images, is overlooked. Also, it is important to check technical condition of website, for this I use service for website audit.

To optimize the speed and quality of your images, compress them to make the file size smaller.
- Use size from 30 to 120 kilobytes, with a resolution of 720dpi.
- Always use the alt tag attribute to diversify information for search engines.
- Place the images in context with the content of your page; make sure that they are relevant to your site or content and have appropriate headers and signatures.
- Place all your images in a folder called "images" simply because it is logical!

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Here you go..

by codyhay In reply to How to create web design ...

Well, to be precise, fast & light website is the key to be successful in terms of SEO. Not to mention the use of compressed images, relevant & meaningful content can really attract many prospected customers. Thereby lowering your bounce rate and increasing the exit rate in the way.

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Web Design

by help1563898615 In reply to How to create web design ...

It's never been the rocket science to create a web design that google bots like.
We just need to have a takeaway from the special landing pages we create where we're on the topics, appealing images easily understandable design for users and the bots. That's what is required with the actual web design of the website as well.

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web desigh

by sonisinghsoni426 In reply to How to create web design ...

its not that tough as you are thinking,
1) your website must be clear, related content, good heading and other written content
2) It should clarify that what is your business or what facility you are giving
3) good pictures
4) good menu , it should gives customers clear idea of menu and facility
5) their should be internal links
6) their should be bar of face-book, Instagram twitter etc.
7) you should use hypertext and links
good key words

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