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    How to create Windows Image File?


    by sid_tutorials ·

    i want to create my desktop’s(WinXP)image and put it into other’s system throough Ghosting. How can i achieve this?

    Please help me out!!

    thanks in advance,

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      creation of image file

      by manikandan_kr82 ·

      In reply to How to create Windows Image File?

      put win98se bootable cd into CDdirve and set your bios to boot from CDdrive first.choose the right option to get command take win98se cd from cd drive and insert your ghost cd into cd drive.Now u can able to run the ghost.

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        problem not solved

        by sid_tutorials ·

        In reply to creation of image file

        thanks for ur reply…..but problem not solved.actually first i have to create a image file of my c: drive. my concern is that how to create that only? coz i want to put that image file in network and then ghost that image through ghost cd.

        so how to create image of my windowsXP(i mean C: drive)?

        please help me………

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        boot cd

        by lloyd.earle ·

        In reply to creation of image file

        this sounds stupid.

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      Several Ways

      by geraldkiii ·

      In reply to How to create Windows Image File?

      There are several ways of doing this. The first option of course is to create a bootable GHOST image and insert the cd into the machines you wish to image and boot from cd. This will of course image your machine from CD. You can put your image on your network and use a Network boot disk and image the machine through your network. If you decide which way you want to do this you can email me and I will help you find the boot disk’s and walk you through the image process. Be familiar with SYSPREP from microsoft also.

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        Image if XP machine

        by sansb123 ·

        In reply to Several Ways

        Hi Geraldkii,

        Iam Sanjeev from Hyderabad, working as Network admin for IT-Development company,I am new to Ghost and Image of XP Machine,I know sysprep and Ghost, i have configured sysprep after ghost, through Ghost 12.0 version i have created C Drive image and placed in E Drive,the image size around 7GB, now i want to know whether the process is correct or not and how to concert the image into bootable CD-image, so that it would be easy to install xp and all the softwares in new systems.

        Please help me my mail id is

        Sanjeev, Thanks in Advance.

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      A simple solution

      by the ‘g-man.’ ·

      In reply to How to create Windows Image File?

      Grab a camera and a paper file.

      Walk around the house and take pictures of your windows.

      Print / develop them & insert then in to the paper file

      Job Done!!

      Alternative, post this as a question not a discussion and get some sensible answers.

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