how to daisy chain routers

By lonniec1143 ·
I have a router in my garauge where my modem is. I want to use a router in my house. How do I configure the 2 routers (daisy chain)? What steps do I take?

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If your 2nd router

by IC-IT In reply to how to daisy chain router ...

allows it set it up in a bridged mode.
If it doesn't; turn off DHCP and run an ethernet cable to one of the ports (not the WAN).

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Thank you, It works great

by lonniec1143 In reply to If your 2nd router
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if both these routers are wireless

by .Martin. In reply to Thank you, It works great

you can set the SSID's and Encryption keys to be the same, then set the routers to broadcast on separate channels.

this will allow you to improve wireless reception, and a laptop configured to one router will move seamlessly from one router to the other.

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here's how . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to how to daisy chain router ...

both routers must use a wired connection for this to work

- before adding the second router configure the first one, including assigning a password

- then configure the second router before attaching it, also assigning a password

- while configuring, you'll have to verify the routers subnets have different, both routers can't be, etc.

- you may have to change at least one of the routers IP address as most routers ship with the default address of or
- I recommend changing the default IP on both

- once both routers are configured, you're ready to proceed connecting everything

here's the configuration:
- Modem to WAN Port of Router1
-- Router1 LAN Port to WAN port of Router2
--- Router2 LAN Ports to networked devices (PCs, switches, NAS, etc.)

here's Steve Gibson's NAT Security Page
describing a stacked / cascaded router in diagram 4

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