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How to Deal With a Lazy Manager

By D_Bones ·
My Boss constantly spends her days on the phone chating to her friends or reading the newspaper and only surfices to take the praise for my departments hard work. She is technically Incompetent and just repeats what she pumps from others. It's not just me who moans about this, other departments do too. How can I rectify the situation without sounding like "sour grapes" or seeming to be after her job. I'd pull my hair out if I had any. Help

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My Advise Live with it -

by JimHM In reply to How to Deal With a Lazy M ...

My advise is live with it - Because it already sounds like Sour Grapes - I am not slamming or flaming you.

So you are stuck between a rock and a hard place, is she causing any problems within or outside of your department - No. Is it causing any delays in productivity - No. Is it only that she does nothing and is a tape recorder for all information others give her - Yes.

She will meet her waterloo soon, you need to just lay low - indirectly let people (management) know who has completed the work... let her take the credit and glory - and people will assume she has the knowledge... then - Poof - it will happen.

I my advise - stay low - keep quite - it would get ugly - look like a personality conflict and you would lose - or a pissing contest - and she will win.. best bet stay out of the shoot gallery..

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Cover your back

by FRR In reply to My Advise Live with it -

I have experienced similar problems over the years and concur with the two earlier replies. I would also suggest that you cover your back by ensuring that every decision affecting you made by the manager is recorded in writing or email, even if you have to send her an email confirming a decision she has made to you verbally. She will eventually come a cropper and try and blame you for her incompetence - but, becuse you have a record of all decisions she has made, (in your email or on an internal memorandum) you can prove otherwise!

Other than that start scanning the job adverts.

Good luck.

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Yeah ... cover your back

by colinwee In reply to Cover your back

I was in a situation like that with a boss who was totally inept, incompetent, lazy and stupid. I made sure to cover my a** well with documentation. But beyond that, to do my job well, I would create 'steering' documentation ... really short briefs that would get her to see things my way. Funny how many things started to occur like how I wanted it to. She takes the credit? Who cares. Everyone knows the truth. You've got a job. You need to do it to the best of your abilities (even if it seems like you're selling a piece of your soul).

Boss's like that unload their pent up tensions every now and then too. That's where covering your back comes in real handy.

Hang in there. Or quit. :-)


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Lazy Manager

by brianf In reply to Yeah ... cover your back

Well I concur with the majority of replies, I have exactly the same problem now, the issue is the manager may very well be lazy but that does not always equate to "DUMB". Your manager could very well be the same as mine they know how to play the office politics game. Ok the answer is get better at the game than they are and as others have stated CYA - cover your ****. Keep a log of everything you do take copies of all your notes off site make a note with date time etc of any comments your manager may make. I assume your fellow worker bees know the score so keep them onside and ensure they know what you are doing. Ultimately the truth will come out be it by internal/external audit or other means and then sit back and watch the fireworks. Patience is a virtue that you must observe in situations like this any confrontation will backfire with you being the loser.
good luck

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Good manager

by Basicman In reply to Lazy Manager

Dear manager, i think you do always right continue.

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Lazy Manager

by Jean-Luc Picard In reply to Lazy Manager

...or incompetent?
I had a manager who was incompetent and not the best fit for our dept. but got the job because our director has a history of making poor personnel choices. To be brief, live with it or leave. Complaining will "B-list" you in the eyes of HR and management, especially if your colleagues do not back you up. People complain over lunch all the time but apathy rules when the opportunity to "make it official" presents itself. Just document everything...I would recommend a spreadsheet of your requests to said manager with the dates, repeat requests etc. so if asked you can readily present data, rather than committing this to memory. If you use some type of call-tracking software as in a helpdesk environment this will also be helpful.

Sorry you have to deal with this...I know it is *not* easy.

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A positive approach

by harris.neill In reply to Cover your back

Most people will say hang in there, but rather take a positive approach. Make friends with her (and everyone else!) and chat frequently and briefly. Ask & give advice frequently, but as others say keep hardcopy decisions she makes. You will be seen as an asset to the department, she may change with time and be on your side. Perhpas it is her incompitance that is making her act in this way.

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Positively pesky

by FullTruthSeeker In reply to A positive approach

The reason for being incompetent is likely they can not handle details but found schmoozing works for them. For this person, less is more. The employee should share joy details but not work details with her schmoozing boss while she works at getting a pay raise.

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Lazy doesn't mean stupid

by aln In reply to A positive approach

I'm also going thru a similar situation, and I'd just add to the general consensus that it's very important to take cautionary measures. Individuals of this kind might be not very competent technically, but they're masters in emotional intelligence: they know how to manage situations so that they always emerge as champions - usually at someone else's cost. In fact mine has a very illustrative motto: "It's not difficult to make things work; the art is to cheat the customer into believing that they work when they don't". No comments.

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where is the integrity

by maninthemiddle In reply to Lazy doesn't mean stupid

I see another ENRON in his/her future...

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