How to deal with a persistent hacker on linux

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I'm being stalked by a hacker on ubuntu. I started using ubuntu for the security about a year ago. I'm currently running 14.04 and a hacker managed to get on my ubuntu laptop.

First, he messed with my flash drive, I was trying to make a memtest86 boot usb. The macbook I used it on had abnormal read write activity, no, not hard drive failure. Then he even showed up on a forum on askubuntu to tell me how to "fix" my usb. My hard drive then had an abnormal read-write problem too. People have tried to hack my computer for information to use against me on hate pages. I can't go to the police because I don't know where the pages are and I doubt the police would help me considering how hard it is to catch a hacker.

Right now, I'm trying to clean install ubuntu. I bought a new usb but after I opened startup disk creator and went offline, I plugged in the usb and got an error message saying the the usb couldn't be mounted because it was already mounted in another directory /media/... After I unplugged it and plugged the usb back in, I didn't get the error message again.

When I tried to use startup disk creator, It just gave me a pop-up window that said installation failed. I tried to get askubuntu to help me, but they dismissed me by saying it sounds like it's bad hardware and didn't. Leaving me to deal with it being in over my head.

Any advice on how to deal with a persistent linux/ubuntu hacker guys/gals?

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