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How to deal with a problem employee

By amatiz ·
I have this team of developers in charge of a very important project for our company. I?ve just been appointed as IT Manager and one of my duties is to manage this group. I?m having problems with one of them, the most intelligent and brilliant. He thinks that his position in the project is being threatened and refuses to share his knowledge and to participate in the decisions of the future of the current developments. This guy has being with the company since the project began, and his behavior is affecting all the department. He?s the only one that knows the ins and outs of the software and doesn?t want to be in the actual development group, it?s a kind of "lone wolf", that likes to do what he likes and not to do what he dislikes, whenever he wants. We need him, but in different terms. I?m looking for suggestions about how to manage this situation. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Head on

by JamesRL In reply to How to deal with a proble ...

The one truth is that these problems don't often fix themselves.

You may not be able to fix it, but if you don't try....

I suggest starting with a one on one meeting. Ask him about his goals, his frustrations, whether he enjoys his role etc.

Hear him out. Take notes. Give your perspective, but gently. See whether any thing comes up that is actionable by you.

You have to not shy away from the team effects - you have to mention it to him in a diplomatic way. Have a few suggestions on things that can be improved. Don't get hostile or he will get defensive.

Do the same with the rest of the team - get their input and feedback.

Once you have feedback from the whole team, come up with an action plan. Try to balance it so that there is somethign for everyone - to get buy in.

Get your boss and HR involved. Cause if it goes south and your fun employee decides you aren't on his side, you will have to take care of it.

Welcome to management.


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Thats an interesting problem -

by JimHM In reply to How to deal with a proble ...

I would do a one on one with each team member - so it doesn't appear that you are singling him out.

In the one on one - find out what his goals are - what he wants to do, if his goals are advancement you could say something - that until you have a backup to his knowledge base it will be hard to lose someone like him to a promotion.

Try to get him to understand that sharing his knowledge will enhance his ability to be promoted or advanced to another project.

If this doesn't work you may have to take more direct action - one on one - and tell him the truth about sharing his knowledge - and the follow up steps if he doesn't - including termination.

Welcome to management - thats why I love R&amp and technology development..

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by DC_GUY In reply to How to deal with a proble ...

What makes you draw the conclusion that he feels his position is threatened? It sounds like he doesn't even really want to do what the job requires. So what would he have to lose by being reassigned?

How did his previous manager handle him? If they were pals, it could be that he just misses him and the working/personal relationship they had and resents you. If the last one was a wuss and let him get away with murder, he's afraid that you're going to expect him to tighten up, which is exactly what you're going to do. In either case you have to use those management skills and interpersonal skills that got you the job, and come up with a way to motivate him to be more mature.

Doing your best to understand what's going on in his head is a good start.

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Two Words

by maxwell edison In reply to How to deal with a proble ...

You're Fired! (a-la The Donald)

Just kidding - well kind of.

How about these two words - Help Others.

Convince him that the best way to help himself is to help others. The help he provides to others will find its way back to him a dozen fold.

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